Prince Harry says William attacked him during a fight

London Prince Harry claims in his long-awaited new memoir that his brother, Prince William, attacked him and physically attacked him during a heated argument over the siblings’ souring relationship, The Guardian reported Thursday. reported.

The newspaper said it has obtained an advance copy of its forthcoming book, “Spare,” due out next week.

Harry said he was speaking out about a 2019 debate at his Kensington Palace home, where William called Harry’s wife, former actress Meghan Markle, “difficult,” “rude” and “uncomfortable.” , alleging William grabbed his brother by the collar, ripped his necklace off, and then knocked him over, the paper reported.

“I landed in a dog bowl. It cracked under my back and shards cut into me,” the book is quoted as saying. “I lay there for a while, dazed, but I got up and told him to leave.”

William later apologized, the excerpt says.

Neither Buckingham Palace, representing Charles III, nor the offices of Williams Kensington Palace have commented on the allegations.

The book, due out Tuesday, is the latest in a series of public revelations and accusations by Harry and Meghan that have rocked the British royal family.

38-year-old Harry and the American actress Married at Windsor Castle May 2018. In less than two years, the couple abandon royal duties Citing what they saw as the media’s racist treatment of Meghan, who is biracial, and the lack of support from the palace, they moved to California.

They have since presented sides of their story in interviews with Oprah Winfrey. Six-part Netflix documentary The article, released last month, detailed the couple’s damaged relationship with the British media and their estrangement from the royal family.

In the series, Harry claims William shouted at him during a family meeting and accused palace officials of lying to protect his brother, now heir to the throne. He said he wanted to end his life because he had a hard time dealing with toxic press.

Harry taped interviews with British broadcaster ITV and US CBS to promote the book. Both are scheduled to air on Sundays.

In a pre-released snippet, Harry told ITV that the royal family sees him and Meghan as “villains” and has “no intention of reconciling”. He said that refusing to defend was a “betrayal.”

Palace officials declined to comment on Meghan and Harry’s allegations.

The book also explains the reason for its title, The Guardian said. Now you have given me a successor and a spare — my work is done. ”

William was destined to be king from birth, but Harry, fifth in line to the throne after his brother and William’s three children, seems to be struggling with the ambiguous role of “spare”. often visible. He spent his ten years in the British Army before taking up royal duties in 2015.

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