Republican McCarthy threatens to impeach Mallorca across the border

Washington – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy told Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayokas on Tuesday, US southern border Along with Mexico, the new House Republican majority has threatened to launch an investigation that could lead to impeachment proceedings.

McCarthy in position to become the new Speaker of the House When the new Congress convened in January, the Republican majority said they would use “the power of the wallet and the power of subpoenas” to hold the administration of President Joe Biden accountable for border security.

If Secretary Mayorcas doesn’t step down, House Republicans will look into every order, every action, every failure to determine whether an impeachment inquiry can be launched,” McCarthy said at a news conference in El Paso, Texas.

“This inquiry could lead to an impeachment inquiry,” he said.

Alongside House Republicans, mostly from Texas, McCarthy spoke with the incoming chairman of the relevant commission of inquiry, and on the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jim Jordan (R, Ohio) and Rep. James Comer. said he “fully supported” the R-Ky., launching an investigation with the Oversight Board.

McCarthy said he hoped Mr Mayorkas would resign by Jan. 3, when the new parliament convenes. He said the investigation would begin on day one. “Enough,” he said.

House Republicans have made border security a top priority, and Mr. Mallorca is among senior officials who could be investigated and removed from office through impeachment.

McCarthy has yet to secure votes from House Republicans to become Speaker and is working quickly to bolster his support ahead of the minority seat majority and the expected vote.

Republicans in California especially need votes from his conservative right-wing lawmakers who are eager to start impeachment proceedings against Mallorca and other senior Biden administration officials.

Lawmakers have pledged to hold public hearings at the border and highlight security concerns.

“Alejanddo Mallorcas has to resign,” said Rep. Cat Camac, a Florida Rep., who joined the group at the border. “And if he doesn’t, we’ll make him.”

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