Russia to stop sharing nuclear forces information with US

Moscow – A senior Russian diplomat said Wednesday that Moscow has stopped sharing information about its nuclear forces with the United States, including notifications about missile tests.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in remarks reported by the Russian press that Russia had previously ceased to participate in the last remaining nuclear arms deal with the United States, and that all information with Washington said they stopped exchanging

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would accept U.S. inspections of nuclear facilities under the deal at a time when Washington and its NATO allies openly declared Russia’s defeat in Ukraine as their goal. The New START Treaty was suspended, accusing it of being unable to do so.

Russia stressed that it does not intend to withdraw completely from the agreement and that it will continue to respect the nuclear arsenal ceiling.

Russia’s foreign ministry initially said the Russian government would keep the United States informed of plans to test ballistic missiles.

The Russian military was training its strategic missile force on Wednesday, deploying mobile launchers to Siberia to demonstrate the country’s massive nuclear capabilities amid fighting in Ukraine.

This is breaking news. Here’s AP’s previous story:

MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian military on Wednesday conducted a training exercise for its strategic missile force and deployed mobile launchers to Siberia to demonstrate the country’s massive nuclear capabilities amid fighting in Ukraine.

As part of the exercise, the Yars mobile missile launcher will cross three regions of Siberia, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The move would include steps to conceal deployments from foreign satellites and other intelligence assets, the ministry said.

The Defense Department has not said how long the training will last or how the training will be launched. The YAZ is a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of approximately 11,000 kilometers (over 6,800 miles). It forms the backbone of Russia’s strategic missile force.

The Ministry of Defense has released a video showing a large truck carrying missiles going out on patrol from the base. The ministry said the exercises involved about 300 vehicles and his 3,000-strong force in eastern Siberia.

Massive exercises held days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans Deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Russia’s neighbor and ally.

Tactical nuclear weapons are intended for use on the battlefield, and have a relatively short range and much lower power compared to long-range strategic missiles with nuclear warheads capable of destroying entire cities.

Putin’s decision to place tactical weapons in Belarus reflects his reiteration that Moscow is ready to use “all available means” (a reference to nuclear weapons) to fend off attacks on Russian territory. A warning followed.

Russian officials have released a barrage of hawkish statements since their troops entered Ukraine, warning that continued Western support for Ukraine poses the threat of a nuclear conflict.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council chaired by President Putin, warned the United States and its allies not to get their hopes up. Russian defeat in Ukraine.

Patrushev argued that some American politicians believed the United States could launch preventive missile strikes against Russia, to which Russia would be unable to respond. He described the idea as “very dangerous short-sighted stupidity”.

“Russia is patient and does not seek to frighten anyone with its military superiority, but it has its own modern weapons that can destroy any enemy, including the United States, if its existence is threatened.” Patrushev said.

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