Sacramento-based nonprofit prepares to help Hurricane Ian

Sacramento, Calif. (KTXL) — Many animals will be abandoned in the areas affected by Hurricane Ian once the winds have died down and the flooding has subsided.

“Our mission is to keep animals out of danger and take care of them.

Sacramento-based nonprofit organization Red Rover has responded to more than 250 disasters and other crises.

“So we can go there, set up temporary shelters, take care of these animals on a daily basis and provide all kinds of services,” Friedrich said. .

Red Rover has approximately 4,600 volunteers nationwide. And now some of them are waiting to hear from Florida local authorities that their services are needed.

“We have volunteers ready,” said Friedrich.

“Usually, it takes one to three days to receive a request for evacuation assistance,” says Field Services Director Beth Gammy.

Gammy is now in Florida. She lives there and she is safe in Tallahassee. She’s gearing up for the busy week ahead.

“Hopefully we can help somewhere,” Gammy said.

She explains that sometimes evacuees have no intention of leaving their pets behind.

“You see, sometimes they’re hard to catch. Or they’re hard to find. When the storm starts to come in, they crouch down. So it’s a lot,” Gammie said.

She encourages pet owners in any disaster area to plan and have the right supplies in place, whether it’s a flood or a fire.

“Cages and crates — enough for all the animals in your house or apartment, because it’s really hard to run around and try to get them at the last minute,” Gammy said.

But if pets are left behind, it’s nice to know that volunteers are willing to step up for them.

“It’s very heartwarming and really moving when you’re lucky enough to see a family reunited with a pet who was separated by a natural disaster because people really feel that their pet is part of their family.” Friedrich said.

Red Rover is looking for volunteers. Users can sign up by taking an online training course. Visit you can know more. Sacramento-based nonprofit prepares to help Hurricane Ian

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