Severe storms this afternoon through tonight

Bad weather comes from cold fronts and low pressure systems coming from the Gulf.

Late afternoon to 7 PM today are the times when gusty winds and short tornadoes are most likely to occur.Strongest storm hits metropolitan area between 3pm and 6pm

Hail is very likely towards the beaches on the east side of Hwy 301. It will rain until 8pm and then pause.

A dry Saturday morning, except for a patchy storm in southern Georgia.

A second thunderstorm lasts from 3am to 8am, bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

Several potentially heavy rain waves are expected into the evening, with localized rainfall of over 3 inches possible over large areas totaling 1 to 2 inches. Things improve on Sunday morning as the front moves in with gusts of wind in excess of 30 mph.

A severe storm is hitting the metropolitan area 4-5 with rain tonight from 7-8pm.

Sunday will see very windy conditions with dry skies and highs in the low 80s.

Monday starts cool in the 50s. No rain until next weekend. Next week’s high is his 80s. Severe storms this afternoon through tonight

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