Starbucks changes ice ‘cubes’ to ice ‘nuggets’ to reduce water usage

Starbucks change ice cubes. Will the customer have a meltdown?

Customers who order a cold drink will drink “nugget ice” included in the drink. This is a smaller piece of ice than the chain’s current cube.

Ice is a key ingredient for coffee giants, especially since handcrafted beverages with ice now account for about 75% of sales. Ice also appears to be a flashpoint for customers.

Initial reactions to the new ice on Reddit have been mixed, but passionate. Some have noted it as chewy or crunchy, claiming it resembles the ice used in Sonic and Coffee Bean. So-called “pellet ice” has some fans, but others worry it might dilute the drink or change the texture of the Frappuccino.

The company says the nuggets don’t melt faster, and baristas use the same ice scoops, so switching to nuggets doesn’t mean customers get less ice.

The company said testing of its new ice had received “very positive responses.”

Starbucks is renewing some of its drinks for the summer. The company announced last week that it would charge an additional $1 for undiluted refreshment drinks because “additional ingredients are required.”

Refreshers are the chain’s popular non-coffee beverages, served chilled with flavored juices or chunks of dried fruit, milk, water, or lemonade.

New Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan believes the business has room for improvement, including the introduction of new equipment. Starbucks has also set a goal of halving its water use by 2030.

Starbucks said in a statement that the new ice machines use less water and will be rolled out to all stores over the next few years.

“Customizing our stores to meet demand, advancing our technology, enhancing how we innovate in equipment, and more fundamentally, getting back to how we can focus on basic operations and do them better,” said Narasimhan. There is still work to be done,” he said. at this month’s earnings conference.

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