Texas Sends Bus-Saddled Immigrants to Kamala Harris Home | Washington DC

About 50 immigrants, including a month-old baby, were sent by bus from Texas to the Vice President’s residence in Washington, D.C. Kamala Harristhe latest move by Republican-led states to move immigrants without notice across the country.

The bus dropped off migrants, believed to be mostly Venezuelan, Saturday morning outside the Naval Observatory, the traditional residence of the US vice president. It is unclear if Harris was on the premises at the time.

Democratic politicians, immigration advocates and lawyers condemned the transfer and called for an investigation into possible human trafficking.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott texas, also sent three buses of immigrants arriving in New York City on Saturday. Abbott sent his two immigrant buses containing about 100 people from Colombia, Cuba, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela to Harris’ residence on Thursday. “Political stunt”.

The latest transfer is an escalation in a series of actions by the state of Texas, floridaBoth were led by Republicans, moving immigrants into Democratic-leaning areas without warning. On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chartered two planes to take about 50 immigrant adults and children to Martha’s Vineyard, a wealthy and liberal island in Massachusetts, where he was expected to fly. It forced the local population to scramble to provide food and shelter for unsuspecting newcomers.

Some of the migrants told journalists that there was no one to meet them at the airport and they had to walk nearly four miles to seek help in town, where they were put in a church overnight.

DeSantis says all communities in America, not just those on the border with Mexico, need to “share the burden” in dealing with what he framed as a failed border policy by Joe Biden. Abbott said he would continue to send immigrants to “sanctuary cities” until Biden and Harris “strengthen their jobs and do their jobs to secure the border.”

But Biden accused Republicans of using people as political props“What they are doing is simply wrong,” the US president said on Friday. , we are working to ensure that it is humane.”

Some charities that work with new immigrants claim they were misunderstood as to where the transferees were going. and applications for stay, including asylum to escape a violent regime, are being processed.

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachel Rollins said she plans to speak with the Justice Department and has spoken with Nikki Freed, a member of the Florida cabinet and the only Democrat elected statewide. did. wrote a letter to the Attorney General of the United StatesMerrick Garland, Calls for Federal Investigation into Potential Human Trafficking.

Pedro Luis Torrealba, one of those sent to Martha’s Vineyard, said he was promised work, food and housing. He was going to New York.

“I am not a victim,” he said Friday, thanking the islanders for their hospitality. I feel.”

Texas has bused about 8,000 immigrants to Washington since April, including those sent to Harris’ home. There are also about 2,200 buses to New York and about 300 buses to Chicago.

Arizona has bussed more than 1,800 immigrants to Washington since May, but has kept receiving officials informed of its plans. The city of El Paso, Texas has sent at least her 1,135 immigrants to New York on her 28 buses since Aug. 23, sharing passenger manifests and other information, as does Arizona.

A 2-year-old girl arriving in New York from Texas last week was hospitalized for dehydration, and a pregnant woman on the same bus was in excruciating pain, according to supporters and city officials. We often wait for hours in designated spaces at bus terminals for buses arriving from Texas. They look to tipsters for help.

“This is a problem because we don’t know when the buses will come, how many buses will come, whether the people on these buses have medical conditions that require help, whether they need a wheelchair. New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigration: “I’d like to at least know that so people can do their best when they arrive.”

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