Trump News Today: Alvin Bragg warns against threats as Trump calls for protest against arrests on True Social

Donald Trump vows to stay in 2024 race if he faces criminal charges

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Warned against upcoming threats and threats of Possible Criminal Charges Against Donald Trump within the next week.

In a message to employees, Bragg said, “Our law enforcement partners have confirmed that specific or credible threats to our offices have been fully investigated and appropriate safeguards have been put in place to ensure that 1,600 We will ensure that all of our employees have a safe work environment.”

Mr Trump his prophecy Furious Arrests Coming Tuesday In All Caps true social post Calls for Protests to ‘Take Back Our Country’ He paints a violent vision of chaotic America.

Law enforcement is reportedly gearing up for possible charges against him in connection with paying hush money Stormy DanielsA Trump spokesperson later clarified that there was “no notice” of arrests or charges other than “illegal leaks” to the press.


Trump supporters float ‘patriot moat’ to protect former president from impending indictment

Trump supporters are calling for a so-called “patriot moat” to surround former president Mar-a-Lago’s mansion to prevent his expected arrest.

Trump could make history this week if he is charged with paying hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

The former president made the arrest predictions in an angry all-caps post on the Truth Social platform Saturday morning, calling on his supporters to protest the arrests and “take back our country.”

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Another Witness to Testify at Manhattan Grand Jury Ahead of Possible Trump Indictment, Report Says

Another witness is reportedly still on a list to be reviewed by a grand jury in Manhattan this week, with testimony scheduled for Monday afternoon.

IndependentThe latest from John Bowden on:

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Former Trump adviser ‘anti-protests’ after ex-president’s demands but stresses ‘no one is above the law’

Former Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn said he was “anti-protesting” after his former boss called on his supporters to “protest, protest, protest.”

“I’m a dissident, so I don’t think we should protest against anything,” he told CBS. face the nation on sunday. “I hope that America learns from what happened in the past. Whatever happens next week, I hope that there will be a very peaceful series of events.”

The investigation was vehemently rejected by Republican officials as politically motivated, but no one had seen the as-yet-unpublished indictments or documentary evidence to make such allegations. law.

“No one is above the law when it comes to this,” Cohn said. “But both could be true because there could be politics involved.”

Alex WoodwardMarch 19, 2023 16:20


Mike Pence ‘respects court’s decision’ for Jan. 6 testimony after refusing subpoena

Mike Pence will respect the court’s decision that could force him to testify before a federal grand jury investigating Jan. 6, he told ABC’s show.this week on sunday.

The former vice president has so far been served a subpoena by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith, who is leading an investigation into the events surrounding the attack on the U.S. Capitol and efforts to overthrow the 2020 election. He refuses to be willing to comply.

However, the former vice president said he did not rely on privilege in exonerating his testimony. He instead claims that he is protected under the U.S. Constitution’s speech and debate clause.

“I have instructed my attorney to defend my role as President of the Senate and to preside over and prepare for a joint session of Congress that day. I will let the court sort it out,” Pence said BC. said in an interview.

“But in fact, I have never argued that other unrelated issues are protected by speech or debate on January 6,” he said, adding that he “respects the court’s decision.” rice field.

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Elizabeth Warren: “There is no reason to protest this. This is a law that works as it should, without fear or favor for anyone.”

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said Trump’s protest call was another instance of “Donald Trump trying to advance Donald Trump’s interests”, suspending investigation into former president I urged them to proceed without doing so.

“No one is above the law, not even the former president of the United States,” she told ABC’s television show. this week on sunday. “If there is an investigation, it should be properly pursued. When the time comes to file charges, they will file charges. That’s how our legal system works.”

“There is no reason to protest this,” she added.

“This is a law that works as it should without fear or favor for anyone,” she said.

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Will Pence endorse Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee in 2024?

In an interview with ABC’s This Week, former Vice President Mike Pence said he was “seriously considering” running for president in 2024.

But when asked if he would support the former president if he wins the party’s nomination, Pence replied, “I don’t think we’ll see that yet… I think there are better options.”

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House Republicans Call Possible Trump Indictment ‘One of the Worst Uses of the Justice System We’ve Ever Seen’

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds told Fox News personality Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that the possible arrest of Donald Trump is “one of the worst uses of the justice system we’ve ever seen.” rice field.

Neither Bartiromo nor Donalds have yet had any charges or evidence to support these claims. News of Trump’s “arrest” was announced by the former president himself. They also didn’t say what Trump was accused of or what the lawsuit against him would entail.

The Donalds, however, called Trump’s potential indictment evidence “totally wrong” and “pitfall thinking with the criminal justice system.”

“Simply chasing a political opponent is not a pillar of virtue,” he added, adding that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is conducting a politically motivated investigation among prominent Republicans. I agree with the unsubstantiated allegations of

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Mike Pence is ‘seriously considering’ running for president

Mike Pence talking to John Carl on ABC’s show this week From the Iowa election springboard, he said he was “close enough” to make an announcement about running for president.

“We’re seriously considering it…we’re getting a lot of encouragement,” he said.

“I think now is the time for all of us who care about this country to think about our role, play our part and make sure we elect leadership to turn this country around in 2024 and beyond,” he added. I got

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Mike Pence hoped Trump would come to reject Jan. 6 violence and fake conspiracy theories.

In an ABC interview this weekMike Pence heard Donald Trump effectively justifying his threats against the Vice President as he presided over the verification of the 2020 presidential election, which the former president claimed was false.

“There was no excuse for the violence that took place. … as long as I live, it will not diminish,” Pence replied. “The president is wrong. He was wrong that day.

Trump was surrounded by “executives of legal counsel” who “led him astray.”

He said Trump’s ongoing baseless narrative was “one of the reasons the country is ready for a new start.”

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The Republican senator who refused to convict Trump on Jan. 6 says the decision is ‘now up to the court.’

Republican Senator Mike Roundes regrets voting against convicting Donald Trump when he was impeached for inciting an attack on the US Capitol on Jan. 6 He didn’t mention what.

He said such a move “now hangs in court.”

When NBC Pushes meet the press Asked by host Chuck Todd whether he believed it was appropriate for President Trump to call on his supporters to protest potential indictments and arrests, Rounds said: Ask people to show up to protest. ”

Todd asked Rounds if he thought Trump’s rhetoric, not just an individual but a 2024 presidential run, “encourages distrust.”

“I don’t know if he’s fueling distrust…well, he’s clearly following some leaks that shouldn’t have come out of the DA’s office. We definitely don’t want to threaten enforcement or any attempt to enforce it,” Rounds said, whether it was an individual or a former president.

News outlets had previously reported that the former president could face criminal charges in New York. Trump has not publicly announced whether he had been informed of any charges by law enforcement. clarified.

But Trump appears to be the only one to “leak” the news of the arrest. He made similar allegations during federal law enforcement raids against his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida, preempting law enforcement that a “raid” was underway. has been announced.

Alex WoodwardMarch 19, 2023 14:07 Trump News Today: Alvin Bragg warns against threats as Trump calls for protest against arrests on True Social

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