Watch: Florida teacher-student epic dance-off goes viral

Tampa, Florida (WFLA) — An energetic Tampa Bay teacher becomes an internet sensation after her students challenge her to a dance-off at her Riverview school.

Sumner High School Vice Principal Natalie McClane posted a video on Twitter of an epic dance battle that broke out during the students’ lunch break during exams.

“Our 8th grade stingrays are taking an exam dance break as they deservedly. Of course, our teachers are closing out 2022 with a win,” McClain wrote in the caption.

In the video, teacher Yolanda Turner and her students are seen smashing moves to Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control.”

As of Wednesday night, the 38-second clip has surpassed 5 million views. However, the Twitter video not only caught the attention of regular users, but also reached Missy Elliot herself. Elliot replied to her McClain Tweet with fire emoji.

“I want them to walk away knowing this was one of the best years we’ve had,” Turner said.

“It was very important that they go home having fun. Going to school makes me feel good. I had a great time. I have people who care about me,” she added. .

Teachers at Sumner High School said they wanted to create a space where students were encouraged to sing, dance and express themselves.

“I just want them to feel included, to be real and to share their authentic selves,” she added.

With 20 years of teaching experience, Turner has not only classroom experience, but also experience as a DJ and singer. Watch: Florida teacher-student epic dance-off goes viral

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