Women’s health services are seeing increased demand for contraceptives and procedures

TAMPA BAY, FL — Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and allowed states to create their own abortion laws, demand for contraceptives has increased in women’s health services nationwide.

of The court ruled on June 24thBy early July, Florida enacted a 15-week, 6-day abortion ban.

in the last two months, Planning Parenthood for Southwest Florida and Central Florida He said the demand for not only contraception but also reproductive procedures is soaring.

“There is no question that more patients are seeking appointments for contraception, especially long-acting contraceptives, vasectomies, and tubal ligations, which means permanent sterilization,” says Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Care. Doctor Sujatha Prabhakaran, Ph.D.

Within 24 hours of the Supreme Court ruling, women’s telemedicine companies nationwide Wisp Demand for emergency contraception, also known as the morning after pill or abortion pill, surged 3,000%.

As of September, sales are up 10%, according to Wisp.

In addition, Florida clinics have significantly longer wait times.

State abortion laws require patients to have two appointments at least 24 hours apart to undergo surgery, reducing available appointments from days to weeks.

“Unfortunately, the addition of the 24-hour waiting period has led to more visits to clinics, so waiting times for appointments continue to increase,” Prabhakaran explained.

Despite the 15-week ban, the clinic also has an influx of patients from out of state.

a Map of Reproductive Rights Center Florida marks the only southern state from North Carolina to Texas that allows abortions after six weeks.

Reproductive Rights Center

“Most of the other Southern states either outright ban abortions or ban abortions around six weeks of pregnancy,” said Tampa Bay Abortion Fund officer and volunteer McKenna Kelly.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund said the demand for financial assistance was just beginning to surge.

“Just now our calls started getting calls from both people who need to leave the state because abortion is no longer accessible in Florida as of week 15 and people who are coming. Tampa Bay Area going to Florida to access care for

Prabhakaran added that he has seen long wait times push Floridians past the 15-week mark.

“Sometimes patients don’t realize how far they are when they have to wait a week or two for an appointment that allows us to get to know them beyond the limits of care here in Florida. So I’ve already seen patients where it happened,” she said.

Both Planned Parenthood and the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund are ramping up programs to help women move further north or west for care as needed.

“Ticket payment [was] It wasn’t in our budget originally,” Kelly said.

Planned Parenthood, along with several clinics and activist groups, It filed a lawsuit against the ban in early July.

They are also appealing a temporary stay order to stay the ban while the case is pending.

In addition, Clerics of five religions also sued the countryargues that the ban violates freedom of speech and religion, specifically the clergy’s ability to counsel people about abortion because Florida law prohibits criminal counseling.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Proposed a 15-week abortion ban across the country this week.

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