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10 Efficient SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Rankings

To make your website appear on the first page of a search engine, it has  to be fully optimized. However, plenty of factors affect how optimized your website truly is, but most search engines follow an algorithm based on such factors. That is why Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important because it will be the very thing that can put your website in the top ranks.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your website to boost your rankings:

  1. Get yourself a well-designed website

First and foremost, you should consider getting a wonderful design for your website. The more attractive it looks, the more chances that the visitors will stay and read whatever you are offering.

You may ask, why is having a well-designed website important for SEO? Well, the simple answer to that question is that both visitors and web crawlers alike will put value on your website if it is appealing to look at.

Just think, if a visitor does not like the design of your website, then he or she could already be considered a lost customer that will never check your website ever again.

  1. Put text on multimedia websites

Yes, most people don’t really like to read. They would rather watch a video or look at some infographics instead. Still, the problem with that is that search engines won’t understand your website. Without the necessary words and keywords, a search engine will have no idea what your website is for.

To remedy such a problem, all you really have to do is to add some simple text to your website. The more optimized the keywords you have used, the better it is for your website.

  1. Add some keywords related to your website

Most of the search engines’ algorithms today will usually include keywords as factors for a website’s ranking. This is why it is of much importance that you add some keywords that are also related to your original keyword.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo it with the keywords or else, your website might just suffer in terms of its ranking. Just use the keywords as sparingly as you can.

  1. Make sure your website’s load time is quick

People today will rather jump to the next website if the first one they opened doesn’t load up immediately. We are living in such a high-paced world now, and a few seconds of load time could cost you a visitor or more.

Quick analytics about your website can easily be done by using Google’s Test my Site feature. Not only will you see the load time of your website, but you will also be given several tips that can help you improve your website’s load time.

  1. Create an appealing title and headline

Did you know that about 36 percent of SEO experts considered title and headline tags very essential? It is one of the first things that will catch your visitor’s attention, and if you fail to do just that, you might lose more than just a few visitors to your website.

Headlines are just as important as the tiles, which is why you should also consider taking your time in making a unique and eye-catchy headline.

  1. Always choose quality over quantity.

Even if your website is filled with dozens or even hundreds of content, if the quality of those contents can’t even be considered average, your website will never rank high on a search engine. Remember, your visitors are also one of the factors that will affect your website’s ranking.

  1. Grammar is always important

Some websites tend to ruin their overall grammar because they would prefer using the keywords usually used in searches.

Let’s say someone is looking for an ant exterminator somewhere in Oregon and usually that person will type in “ant exterminator Oregon”. With this keyword, you will never be able to form a sentence with correct grammar. So, rather than using a keyword like this, it would do much better if you wrote it correctly.

  1. Write high-quality Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the texts that usually appear beneath your headings or titles in most search results. Although the search engine algorithms don’t view Meta descriptions as a factor in your website’s ranking, it is still quite important.

A high-quality Meta description can usually answer what the searcher is looking for, and if it does, that searcher will then be viewing your website for more information..

  1. Link to quality external links

One factor that determines your website’s ranking in a search engine is the external links being used. These are links that are found on your website, but they will redirect people to another one. External links that are closely related to your website can be of great help in raising your rank. Just make sure that you don’t flood your website with external links, or else it might get viewed as spam.

  1. Use a SERP Scraper API

SERP Scraping refers to obtaining information from the top 10 results from a Google search and then transferring that information to a document. This is one way to get the best keywords from all the top-ranking websites and use them for your own.

A SERP Scraper API is a tool that can help you do the SERP scraping easily. Having a powerful tool such as this can really help boost any website’s SEO ranking. Read this Oxylabs’ article about SERP Scraper API to better understand how this tool works and what it can do.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more ways for you actually to boost your SEO ranking. Still, the tips you have here are some of the most commonly used ones because of their effectiveness and efficiency. Suppose you are on the quest to raise your website’s SEO rank. In that case, you should definitely consider following the tips provided here.


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