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19 Best Fitness Apps to Install in 2022

Health is the biggest worry of people today. All of us are concerned for our health every time. Many people try hundreds of ways to bring the body into a perfect shape. Some of the most effective remedies for a healthy body are walking, running, jogging, and cycling. These physical activities are necessary to remain fit and healthy.

These days, many fitness apps help you to count the calories burned in the body, heart rate, steps taken, and so on. You can choose some of the Best Fitness Apps for your mobile phones and tablets. These apps will make your fitness schedule regular and active. You can also keep track of your daily workout in these apps. Let us have a look at some of the latest mobile apps to install in the year 2022.

1.  Nike Training Club :: Android :: iOS

Nike Training Club is a good fitness app for fitness freaks. It helps to do workouts daily at your convenience. This app also provides 185 free workouts for yoga classes, cardio exercises, and other workouts. Some of the best trainers have designed Training programs in the Nike Training Club app.

This app helps to make your body slim and trim within a few weeks. It works on every device efficiently. There are several personalized plans for everyone in this app. You can pick any plan of your own choice for your everyday schedule. Moreover, this app helps to fulfill your fitness goals.

2.  Google Fit :: Android :: iOS

The next fitness app on the list is Google Fit. It is one of the Best Fitness Apps for keeping track of workouts. It has powerful sensors to track the details of your workouts. This app shows distances covered during walking or cycling. Apart from that, you can also know the calories burned during exercises.

In addition to that, the app records the speed of your walking or running, route, pace, and other details. One of the biggest advantages of using the Google Fit app is that it does not have ads or in-app purchases. Read more on how much does it cost to develop an app like Google Fit.

3.   Seven :: Android :: iOS

Seven is the best tool to work out effectively. You can record every single detail of your daily exercises and workouts in the seven apps. You can also get video demos of different exercises in this app. It even includes some audio clips that help you to do daily exercises properly.

This app includes different personal workout plans that suit everyone’s needs. You can choose any plan that matches your fitness level. These plans include about 200 workouts. Besides, you can also get special training tips from fitness experts. The plans of the Seven apps start from $9.99 a month.

4.  Home Workout-No Equipment :: Android :: iOS

This is another amazing app for maintaining a schedule of workouts. Some of the best fitness trainers have developed this app after years of hard work. It includes different routines for every user. It is simple to pick any routine that matches your fitness level and weight.

Home workout-no equipment app includes stretching routines, workouts sessions, and several warm-up exercises. These are demo videos to show exercises easily to every user. This fitness app works with several exercises like wall sit, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, and squats.

5.  Sworkit :: Android :: iOS

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Sworkit is one of the best apps from mobile application development services for health lovers. This app will help you to plan your daily exercises and workouts. It makes it easy for you to schedule your workouts as per your needs and time.

There are different kinds of workouts in this app. You can choose any kind of workouts such as cardio, stretching exercises, cardio, or others. There are 2 versions available in Sworkit, one is Free, and the other is a Premium plan. Monthly plans of this app start from $9.99 and go up to $59.99 per year.

6.  Runkeeper :: Android :: iOS

Runkeeper app helps to know the speed and pace of your running. It provides detailed information on exercises and workouts. You can get an idea of your fitness activities with details like calories burned, route distance, running pace, and cycling speed.

This app also helps to prepare a diet chart and helps you get a slim body. The results of this app are precise, achievable and you can plan your workouts according to the results. This app is used by about 50 million users around the globe to track different fitness activities.

7.  Strava :: Android :: iOS

The next app on this list is Strava. It is one of the Best Fitness Apps for making your fitness schedule normal. This app gives you detailed tracking of various activities such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming.

It is very simple to connect this app with your social media account and track activities. It provides various routes for running and cycling. Besides, it also allows you to know swim pace, calories burned, and cycle speed. You can even take up any challenge on the list for improving your daily workouts.

8.  Jefit :: Android :: iOS

Those who follow a very strict workout schedule must use the Jefit app. It includes several routes for every user. You can pick any routine according to your training and needs to be customized for every individual. It also includes a calendar for maintaining a proper schedule of workouts.

You can also get exercises and workouts in videos and demos. Some of the best trainers will give tips to make your exercise time more effective each day. Some charts help you to make your workout schedule regular. Moreover, Jefit works on both Android and iOS devices.

9.  Foodility :: Android :: iOS

The next on this list is the Foodility app. It is one of the best fitness apps for those who want an attractive figure. The foodility app has a simple user interface that everyone can understand easily. Apart from that, the app also has a chart to show and track your water intake, calories burned, fat loss, and weight loss.

You can view data according to day, week, or month as you want. You can maintain a proper diet chart with the help of the Foodility app. The app also lets you export your food chart in the form of a PDF.

10. Map My Run :: Android :: iOS

Now, you can keep track of your running every day. This app is specifically developed for runners. It shows how much distance you cover in the running daily with calories burned, new routes, speed, and pace. Map My Run shows you different routes in your city on which you can run every day for a good running time.

This app has a large community base in which different users from different countries share ideas. It also includes an audio-coaching facility for runners. GPS will present the full list of routes for running.

11.  Fooducate :: Android :: iOS

Fooducate is an amazing app for people who are on a diet. It is a perfect tool to know eating habits, sleep patterns, and workout schedules. This app will give various details such as the amount of food intake, hunger levels, sleep time, calories burned, and so on. Besides, it also provides feedback on how to improve your schedule and food habits.

This app runs on every latest Android smartphone and iOS device. You can also get some extra information such as the amount of fat intake and protein intake by choosing paid packages.

12.Openfit :: Android :: iOS

If you are very concerned for your health, download the Openfit app on your mobile phone. It is one of the latest and best apps from mobile application development services developed by fitness trainers. You will get about 200 live classes in a week in Openfit on different workouts and stretching exercises.

There are various on-demand classes to keep your workout schedule regular and active. This app motivates you to exercise regularly and helps you to get a slim figure. Some of the most experienced trainers give helpful fitness tips to the users. Moreover, you will also get meal plans and different nutrition programs in this app.

13. Keelo :: Android :: iOS

Keelo is a good app for gym workouts and exercises at home. It shows the heart rate while doing different exercises and workouts. There is a complete catalog of workouts that offers a preview of every gym session. With every move, you will get the complete information of your workout on your mobile screen.

This app is simple to use and comes with various functions. It includes different HD instructional videos of fitness trainers. You can also get many other details in the Keelo app, such as calories burned and nutrition calories.

14.  Peloton :: Android :: iOS

The next app on this list is Peloton. It gives an experience of a fitness studio right at your home. You can do workouts at the gym or home easily with the help of this app. There are different on-demand classes from fitness experts that help you to do strength training and treadmill running.

Peloton comes with many options of classes for every user. You can join live classes with different people from around the world. This app includes audio-only programs for people who want to do workouts outdoors.

15.  Alo Moves :: Android :: iOS

Alo Moves is one of the best fitness apps for health lovers. It is a yoga app that offers about 1500 video classes from the world’s best fitness trainers. Apart from that, the app also provides different recommendations after entering all the details of your fitness training.

This app offers different videos on fitness and being mindfulness. It is simple to filter your search for classes according to time, instructor, style, and difficulty level. You can pick any class according to your mood as well as schedule. This app runs on mobile phones, PC, and tablets as well, which is nice.

16. Shred :: Android :: iOS

If you want to burn extra calories for your body, download the Shred app on your Android or iOS mobile phones. It is an excellent option for those who want to get their figure into shape. It makes your muscle-building routine normal.

This app provides a complete program for workouts and exercises. This program will help to plan workouts according to your fitness level and at your convenience. You will get a free trial of 7 days in the Shred app. Furthermore, this fitness app gives you better visuals and challenges as you complete workouts.

17. Trainiac :: Android :: iOS

Trainiac is another powerful fitness app for fitness lovers. It has different workout plans designed by fitness experts in the world. There is a simple sign-up procedure to join the Trainiac app. All you need to do is to fill up a small questionnaire by entering all your details.

This app is perfect for pregnant women, fitness trainers, and everyone. You can ask various questions to nutritionists when you are on a diet plan. After joining this app, you will get a call from a fitness trainer who designs workout plans for users according to their needs.

18.  Nourishly :: Android :: iOS

As the name of the app suggests, this app provides various meal plans to lose weight. It has a beautiful user interface with easy options to choose from. This app works on iOS as well as Android devices. Nourishly fulfills your nutrition goals efficiently.

If you suffer from different disorders, this app will suggest the right meal plans. Using this fitness app will cure many cardiovascular diseases and digestive disorders. Nourishly is one of the best fitness apps for obese people and patients suffering from high BP levels and cholesterol.

19. 8Fit :: Android :: iOS

The last app on this list is the 8fit app. If you want to get rid of extra pounds of your body, follow this app. It suggests various exercises and workouts that help you to burn extra calories from your body within a short time.

This app uses bodyweight-based training to prepare a workout program. This app has different workout programs that cater to the needs of every user. You can get various meal plans that can help you achieve rapid weight loss.

Final Words

This is the list of the best fitness apps that fulfill your nutrition and fitness goals. These apps have affordable monthly plans for different needs. They provide workouts for both beginners and experienced fitness trainers. Besides, these fitness apps are very easy to use on any Android phone, tablet, PC, laptop, or Notebook.

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