4 Best Places To Sell Used Apple Laptops and Other Gadgets

 If you are looking to sell your Apple laptop or other handheld devices, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a business replacing work equipment or a private seller, upgrading your technology, you’ve got options. Here are some of the most popular ways to sell preowned Apple laptops and other electronics.

1. Selling to Your Friends and Co-Workers

One of the traditional and reliable ways to sell an Apple laptop is to offer it to your friends and acquaintances. And if your computer is in good condition and not some broken old mess, then you will most likely get a good deal from people you know, especially if your asking price is fair.

Selling to your friends is the safest option. For one, it means you are not going to have your item stolen. And that is always a possibility with classifieds like Craigslist. Selling within your social circle means there will not be any sort of shady business where you lose either your computer or money. Since you know the people you are selling to, and you probably have a good relationship with them, there shouldn’t be any major problems. Plus, you can always swap out some of your gadgets on something you need more.

2. Sell Apple Laptop and More to Gadget Salvation

Selling your Apple laptop to someone you know is the best option, but it has its drawbacks. For instance, even if you are a social butterfly with thousands of friends, there is no guarantee one of them actually needs a used laptop right now. And no matter how extensive your network is, it is always limited to your area, friends and family members, etc. So, if you can’t sell your Apple laptop, don’t despair. There are plenty of other options to get rid of it.

Have you heard of online buyback sites? They exist to buy used tech like yours. Take Gadget Salvation, for example. We cannot think of any apparent downsides for those who wish to sell their Applelaptop or other secondhand devices online. There are no hidden fees, you get a good price, and the sale is almost instant. Rather than creating a listing on a classified ad website or eBay and waiting weeks in hopes of a sale, you get to sell your electronics in a timely manner and for a fair price.

With Gadget Salvation, you can get an instant offer online, check out, and post your Apple laptop to the company. They pay for the postage and release the funds to you once they have received your stuff. The better and newer your technology is, then the more money you get for them. It is safe, quick, and straightforward to sell your apple laptop with Gadget Salvation! Besides, you get a quote on most types of technology. They also accept various PC laptop brands, all-in-one computers, tablets, phones, and other gadgets.

3. eBay Auctions

You most definitely heard of and probably even bought something on eBay to date. Many people turn to eBay when they look to score a deal or want to sell something. You may even know someone who will advise you to sell your computer there. In truth, this was a good idea a while ago, but eBay made many changes that made it a rather harsh place for sellers. For example, they now operate on a bank-to-bank system, which does not sound safe, especially if you have no intention of selling on eBay in the future. What’s more, it has led to eBay’s focus on the buyer rather than the seller.

Scammers are now prolific on eBay because they know they will win every single time in the mediation process. For instance, a fraudulent buyer can say they never received the Apple computer you sold. Even if you have proof of postage and delivery, eBay will side with the consumer in this situation. And sure, there are other auction-type marketplaces out there. But none is prone to scam, unfortunately.

Another downside of using eBay is that you have to watch your listing like it’s your full-time job. There are so many other sellers on the platform now, and somebody will always undercut your price within a few minutes of you posting your Apple laptop for sale. There is always someone who seems to have the same exact notebook you have, but for less money. So, if you want to sell it eventually, you got to monitor the market and revise your asking price frequently. Still, in the end, you may end up selling it for the same price you got via the buyback site but have also wasted weeks of your time.

4. Classified Ads

This is a rather old-school way of selling your stuff. When posting an item for sale on places like Craigslist, you are, again, limited to potential buyers in your area. The way it works is that you create a listing, add some good photos and detailed descriptions, and set your price. Then people will hopefully reach out, and if all goes well, meet you with cash in hand. On the one hand, it is a better way to sell that Apple laptop than eBay. Here, you get paid directly, and it is cash. There is no fear of reversed charges or buyer disputes. But it is still a tedious business. You have to address many odd inquiries from strangers all day long. Again, you never know whom you are meeting with. Thus, there is no guarantee you are actually getting paid. Just like with eBay, you have to be vigilant.

Another important thing to remember, if you are selling your Apple laptop via a classified ad, is not to give out your address to people. Instead, arrange to meet in a busy place, like a mall or a cafe, preferably during the day. This way, you negate the potential risk of getting robbed.


Apple laptops have always been trendy, even used ones, so users won’t have too much of a hard time finding a buyer. But when it comes to figuring out how and where to sell it for some cash, you have to ask yourself whether you want a quick and painless transaction or are willing to invest some time into this endeavor. While eBay and Craigslist have been around for decades, they may not be the best option in today’s digital climate. Instead, you can be smart and skip all this unnecessary hassle associated with marketplaces by selling your Apple laptop to Gadget Salvation. The choice is always yours.

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