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5 Modern Kitchen Ideas

You’ve just bought your perfect forever home, but there’s a problem. The kitchen is still stuck in the 1970s. Or perhaps you haven’t renovated your kitchen in what seems like decades.

Whatever the reason, you need a few modern kitchen ideas. Well, we’ve got a few (okay, exactly 5!) that will get your creative juices flowing. And the best part? You won’t have to remortgage your home to make them happen!

The color of 2022: GREEN!

Look at pretty much any kitchen design trend website, and you’ll find this accepted truth: green is the color of the moment. Sage greens in particular define the modern kitchen, while more traditional tones reflect a more traditional color scheme.

Green reflects wellness, a drive to put mental health and calm at the forefront. Create a connection with nature, and step away from techy distractions. Green has become so popular that it’s now an accepted neutral.

Expect the color to last as a modern trend for years, but if you’re a little nervous about committing, use it in the details. Paint for your cabinets or an old upcycled dining table, for instance.

Paint Your Kitchen

The painted kitchen is another trend that we expect will stay popular for many years. In previous decades, it screamed low quality, cheap, not trendy (it’s not fair, but we don’t make the rules!).

The 2020s, however, heavily focus on upcycling, re-using materials, natural tones, and lending a new lease of life to what otherwise would be discarded. Painting kitchen cabinets or furniture (green, as above!) will give that natural vibe that’s so popular right now.

The key to giving these natural trends an infusion of modern is by pairing them with modern accents. For example, choosing quality elegant tapware that is understated overall, but the key to giving your kitchen a 2022 look and feel. Matte finishes are a fantastic choice.

Antique Accents = Character

Adding antique elements to a modern kitchen is definitely a trend of the moment amongst upscale clientele. It gives the kitchen an understated character, sophistication that doesn’t require next-level expenditure.

Swoon Editions, for example, is a brand that specializes in exactly this and is a great source for inspiration. Add a small side table with Moroccan roots, for example. Or a Persian runner for timeless character and class. They don’t need to be expensive statement pieces to really shine; it’s all about finding one or two key items to add that level of class.

Open Shelving

Some people will always prefer opting for full cabinets, but if you want to go somewhere a little different, consider open shelving. It’s modern, minimalistic, and allows you to display your statement decor pieces. It also gives an airy look and feel, which is great for smaller spaces.

It also has a practical benefit, giving you a bit of extra space otherwise used by cabinets. Also, when you have guests over, they won’t be scrambling around looking for a plate or mug. They’ll be able to serve themselves while you catch some much-needed extra time on the snooze button!

Breakfast Nook for 100% Cozy

The breakfast nook is something that has really taken off recently. It’s a gathering spot, it gives those cozy vibes you need before another day of the grind at work (or even better, Sunday brunches with a lazy afternoon ahead!).

The corner setup is ideal, particularly if by a window. You get the best of both worlds, a look towards the inside of the house, and a connection to the outdoors. If you can make it a bench with some pillows, it also makes for an excellent mid-afternoon reading spot.

You may be thinking ‘no way that’ll work in my small kitchen’, but it’s actually something that can easily be added in most spaces. All you need is a small space near the window, and you’re good to go. There are plenty of minimalist tables you can use, and if you can, integrate the seating area with the window to maximize space.

Think Beyond 2022

If you’re the average family of the 2020s, cash may be a little tight. Your kitchen renovation, therefore, needs to last you many years. That’s why it’s super important to think about longevity.

Your big-ticket items that can’t be replaced easily should be timeless, whilst the details can be used to push your stylistic preferences. Paint is particularly useful for following trends, as it can easily be replaced with a new color palette. Don’t be afraid to experiment, just consider replacement costs and choose accordingly.

 Don’t go for ‘out there’ style trends, but instead opt for understated modern ideas that will last for many years. It’s tempting to push the envelope in terms of design, but you don’t want your investment to look dated in 2023. Opt for classic yet modern; stylish, but not overbearingly so.

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