5 Reasons Comic Fans Should Read Geiger

If you’re looking for a new comic series to check out, hit creators Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have one for you. Their latest comic, “Geiger,” is a dream for fans who love post-apocalyptic stories. Colored by the amazingly talented Brad Anderson, this series highlights survival and themes of protecting family. Here are five reasons you should take a look.

  1. You Love Dystopian Stories

“Geiger” takes place after a nuclear attack, and the lead character is forced to fight for his family’s protection while they stay in their shelter. As outlaws battle it out for power and control, Geiger struggles to build safety for his family so they can live in peace together.

  1. You’re a Fan of “Mad Max”

The “Mad Max” franchise has been an enormous success, and fans of the originals and the remakes will love “Geiger.” The co-creators refer to the comic series as an atomic western, highlighting similar themes and chaos that the “Mad Max” film collection does. The comics take place in Nevada, bringing a similar desert and western feel. Elements were also drawn from great western films like “True Grit.”

  1. You Like a Radioactive Hero

The main character of the series was exposed to radiation during a nuclear attack, and as a result, draws his powers from that charge. Gary Frank’s designs of Geiger’s charged state are striking, and with Brad Anderson’s color added, the visual result is sensational.

  1. You Devoured the Hulk Series

Creators spoke about the desire to create a lead character that’s power was more of a curse than a blessing, much like the Hulk suffered in his stories. Rather than favorable powers with little downside, Geiger sometimes has a hard time controlling and managing the abilities he gained from the catastrophe he and his family faced.

  1. You Want To Be Immersed

“Geiger” is an immersive series with an entirely new world to explore and get lost in. With a compelling story, stunning visuals, and familiar yet fresh themes of struggle and triumph, it’s a story that lets you escape from reality for a little while.

If you’re a comic fan, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to love “Geiger.” From co-creators who have developed some of the best modern comics, this series has something for everyone. Watch the video above for more on the development and background, and then check out these great stories for yourself.


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