5 Strategies to Help a Doctor Complete Disability Paperwork

Filing a disability claim is critical when an illness or injury prevents you from working. One of the most important aspects of the claim is the support of a medical professional. Any claim for short or long-term disability benefits that don’t have medical support is likely to be declined. Along with medical records, most insurance providers will request a signed questionnaire or report from the diagnosing doctor. This form is most often called the “Attending Physician’s Statement”. Here are some strategies to help your doctor complete these forms efficiently.

Provide The Correct Forms

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Insurance companies often update their forms to reflect new policy changes. Before presenting your doctor with a form, make sure that it is the most recent version. There is nothing worse than going through the effort of having a form completed only to have it rejected due to being out of date.

Request The Paperwork ASAP

Physicians, by their very nature, tend to be strapped for time. The less time they have to spend filling out paperwork, the more patients they will be able to care for. As soon as you know that you will need to file a claim, you should contact the diagnosing doctor regarding paperwork. Try to pin down the elimination period. Insurance companies usually place a strict deadline on when an APS must be turned in, so make sure to have all of the information needed on hand and speak with your doctor personally to streamline the process.

Set Up an Appointment Specifically For Paperwork

Some physicians simply may not have time to set aside to complete disability paperwork on their patient’s behalf. Others may not be interested in taking paid time away from other patients to fill out forms. One way to avoid both issues is to make an appointment and use that time solely for the completion of paperwork. The doctor will have time built into their schedule and receive remuneration for their time.

Get a Second Opinion

Sometimes a physician may not feel that they have the qualifications to provide an expert opinion on a disability. In this case, one way to help your doctor is by asking for a referral for a second opinion. Combining the clinical data from the original doctor and the secondary doctor will help bolster a case when filing a disability claim.

Speak With The Doctor’s Assistant


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Often, physicians will request that their assistants’ complete forms and paperwork based on their notes. Once the paperwork is complete, they will just review them and sign off with their approval. If this is the case with a diagnosing doctor, it may be a good idea to communicate with them from the outset. Providing them with the heads-up about your need for ASP paperwork in advance will help streamline the process and cut down on delays.

Hassle-Free Disability Claims

Filing a disability benefits claim doesn’t have to be difficult. Making sure you have a proper diagnosis and getting your paperwork in order prior to filing will help cut down on delays. Using the strategies above will also help your doctor do his part and make ASP completion much easier.




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