5 Things to Do on Halloween

With Halloween approaching quickly, people are starting to stress about what costumes to wear and what parties and bars to go to and if they want to give out candy to kids or not. If this doesn’t sound like you or your style, here are five things you can do instead.

1.    Watch a Scary Movie

Now with eight million streaming services available for subscription, there is no better time than now to browse the widest selection of horror films from Hitchcock to Peele to celebrate Halloween properly.

2.    Order Marijuana from Doobie

Have you ever wanted to have weed delivered to your doorstep just like an Amazon Prime box? Well my friend, the future is here. Marijuana delivery service, Doobie, is available now. Why go door to door hoping you get a full sized Hershey bar when instead you can have a full sized edible chocolate bar brought to you like royalty? The company provides a variety of different marjuiana products from edibles, to vapes and topical products. The delivery service even provides a tracking number so you know exactly when you get your items.

3.    Order Takeout.

Halloween is one of the only holidays that doesn’t revolve around cooking a meal for loads of people. This is a perfect time for you and your friends to just order all the best takeout in your area and chow down.

4.    Relish in the fact that you don’t have to go trick or treating with kids

One of the best parts about not having kids is knowing you don’t have the responsibility to take the kids out trick or treating with other parents. Enjoy your non-responsibility-filled life knowing there are parents out there with a screaming Spider-Man and crying Elsa.

5.    Stay in and do absolutely nothing

What better way to avoid the crowds and the lines at bars and clubs  than to chill in your apartment or home doing absolutely nothing. Scroll on your phone, watch TV, read a book. The indoor world is your oyster.



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