7 Cool Car Accessories to Jazz Up Your Ride

The average American spends just under an hour driving every day.

That accumulates to 15 days total being in the car. If you’re an adventurer, a long-distance commuter, or a vehicle service person, you can bet it’s much more than that.

Keep reading to find cool car accessories in 2022 that will make your driving time more functional and comfortable.

  1. Cool Car Accessories for the Commuter

Regardless of how long it takes you to drive to work, it quickly adds up.

Reduce your time in the car by making the cockpit an efficient and comfortable place. Use a heated blanket or seat cover that plugs into your cigarette outlet. That way, you don’t have to wait until the inside of your car is well heated before heading off to work.

You should also consider investing in a magnetic phone holder on your dash and a Bluetooth key finder so that you don’t have to fuss with lost keys or wires.

  1. Accessories for the Camper

If you’re an avid tent camper, invest in a solid cargo rack. You can choose from an enclosed shell, an open frame, or a mesh net, depending on what vehicle you have.

You can also opt for a rooftop tent so that you’re always camping on a dry surface.

  1. Accessories for the Social Butterfly

Do you give people rides often? You should, as having 2 or more people in your car gives you access to the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.

Make your car a comfortable place to hang out by installing LED lights and a portable car diffuser. You may also want to use a car seat gap filler for when your friends accidentally drop things.

  1. Accessories for the Overlander

When you’re adventuring to remote destinations, you want to protect your vehicle as much as possible.

You can find things like skid plates and recovery points from retailers like True North Fabrications. That way, you can roam the non-paved roads with ease of mind.

  1. Accessories for the Foodie

If you often find yourself eating behind your wheel, consider leveling up your dining experience with a swivel tray that goes in your cup holder to hold your meal.

In your other cup holder, you can get an adapter accessory that allows you to secure any sized drink. For a final touch, get a sauce clip that fits into your air vent to avoid spills (and sauceless bites).

  1. Accessories for the Road Tripper

Some of you spend far more than 7 hours per week in the car. When the open roads call you, don’t let minor inconveniences stop you.

Install a 12V cooler in your backseat for on-the-go dining. You can also get a car kettle boiler and hand press espresso maker for instant caffeination to fuel your adventure.

In a pinch, you’ll also want an inflatable car bed and a power inverter. That way, you can charge any device and sleep in your car when needed.

  1. Accessories for the Packer

Rather than throwing a ton of stuff aimlessly into your car, get a few organizers for different areas of your vehicle.

You can get back seat organizers that have spaces for CDs, electronics, cosmetics, and anything else you’d need. You can also get a collapsible organizer to declutter your trunk and make things easier to find.

Make the Most of Your Car

With these best car accessories, you can make the most of the time you spend in your vehicle. Choose things that are relevant to you and enhance your transportation experience.

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