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9 best healthcare apps for patients

Mobile apps have improved the quality of our life considerably. Now people can make use of a range of online services and among the most beneficial ones are mobile healthcare applications. The latest research shows that there are nearly 340,000 apps of this kind available in the App Store and Play Market. Despite this fact, new platforms for delivering healthcare services online appear annually. Nearly 200 of them are being developed each day. You may wonder why healthcare applications are so popular and which one is better to use. If you want to get answers to these questions, just stay with our team and keep reading this article till the end!

What is a mobile healthcare application?

   Mobile healthcare app is a platform for providing medical services online. There are two kinds of such applications: health and wellness ones. A health application provides patients’ diagnostic, tracking, and treating diseases or any other unusual health conditions.

A wellness application, on the other hand, is a platform for tracking and assessing the overall health of the patient. Such apps deal not only with physical health, but also with mental, environmental, social, and spiritual ones as well.

Advantages of using mobile healthcare applications

  Such apps are considered to be increasingly popular among customers due to a number of reasons. All of them represent plenty of functions or features and are unique in this or that way. Below you will find an inventory of some crucial advantages of switching to mobile healthcare applications.

  1. Benefits for all participants

  Firstly, online healthcare services are of crucial importance for those who live in rural areas and can’t quickly get to the hospital.

Secondly, if a person suffers from some chronic conditions, mobile healthcare apps can make them feel more secure and take control over their health. Thanks to the integration with a range of wearables patients can track their heartbeat, activity rates, blood pressure, etc.

Thirdly, healthcare app development is entirely beneficial for medical establishments. The more issues people can settle with the help of their smartphones, the fewer of them there are queuing in hospitals. In such a way doctors and nurses can pay enough attention to patients with serious problems.

  1. New realities of life

   Covid-19 pandemic is another explanation of the popularity of online healthcare services. Due to great pressure on the medical system doctors and nurses can’t devote their time to all patients. Thanks to online healthcare services patients can get a professional consultation, receive prescriptions, further recommendations, and even some check-ups due to photo and video support.

People with Covid must be isolated and can’t go anywhere. If something happens, they can easily make use of online healthcare services. It is a doctor who decides whether a person needs additional help and hospitalization.

  1. Data storage

  Mobile healthcare apps enable data storage and tracking. Since we are living in a digital world these functions can speed up all the processes and enable access to needed information within a few clicks. Such platforms provide doctors and nurses with databases representing the patients’ medical histories, prescriptions, and chronic conditions.

If a patient is forced to change the place of residence, he or she won’t be required to tell the life-long history or bring all the papers to the hospital.

  1. Keeping abreast of the times

  Let’s face the truth, a lot of people simply can’t find time and energy to visit a hospital and undergo some check-ups. Being stuck in a rat race, we don’t pay appropriate attention to our health and the quality of life in the future.

In this context, a mobile healthcare app can be entirely beneficial. Anyone can ask for advice from a professional doctor and understand whether a person has reasons for concern.

Moreover, the vast majority of apps provide a range of tests for analyzing the health condition, quality of life, and daily activity.

  1. Push notifications

  Another advantage of using mobile healthcare apps is the ability to receive push notifications. You can plan your visits to a hospital and even set reminders to take up pills or vitamins. Taking into account the tempo of modern life it is another reason to opt for such a convenient platform.

What features must a good mobile healthcare application have?

  There are a lot of applications providing online healthcare services available. If you are thinking about setting up your own business connected with this field, you must understand the most essential features any mobile app should have.

You still stand a chance of developing a unique product that can satisfy even the most sophisticated needs and requirements of patients. Since the digital healthcare market is expected to reach $103.39 billion by the end of the next year. To make your product competitive and appealing to the customers, it is pivotal to take all the weak points into account.

  1. Easy to use

  There are so many challenges in our life. Due to this people tend to avoid complicated tasks and puzzles. Make sure your mobile healthcare application is easy to use and understand. It is a good idea to provide some video or text instructions explaining basic processes and functions.

The sign-in step must be quick and transparent. Integration with social media can be entirely beneficial for boosting the popularity of your application. Your product must also work equally well on iOS and Android.

Another aspect you should pay attention to is the visual appeal of the apps’ interface. It will be a great idea to apply to professional web designers and take into the account user experience.

High value

To engage new customers you must make them understand the importance of rendered services by you. To satisfy the patients’ requirements try to think like a potential user.

A good mobile healthcare application should provide accurate and valid data about the users and healthcare personnel. What’s more, it is essential to take into account all walks of life. A lot of digital healthcare providers forget about people with disabilities. Due to this, you should think of all potential users and ways to satisfy their needs by offering reasonable and useful functions.

  1. Professional support

   Thanks to mobile healthcare applications people can conduct online medical check-ups. In such a way both doctors and patients can save their invaluable time. Since not all people really need to go to the hospital, online solutions can ease the pressure on a healthcare system.

Make sure your platform enables high-quality online communication. In this case, photo and video support will be entirely beneficial.

  1. A sense of community

There are a lot of people suffering from chronic conditions and serious diseases. Some of them really lack support and communication. If you create a platform where patients can interact with each other, form particular groups, and exchange their experiences, more people will opt for your product.

Top mobile healthcare application

Tere are a lot of healthcare apps available for all users. Sometimes it may be very difficult to choose the most suitable one to meet exactly your requirements. Below you will find the list of 9 most popular applications and get to know their specific features and functions.

1.     Generis

The main objective of the Generis application is to help people improve the quality of their lives by understanding their DNA. Complicated though it may sound, the platform itself is quite easy to use and understand. Being visually attractive, it attracts a lot of people.

This mobile healthcare app offers crucial advice based on DNA tests including nutrition, sport, and even supplement recommendations. The main objective of this platform is to help people understand themselves and make their life longer and happier.

The developers of Generis say that thanks to DNA a person can get to know the peculiarities of his or her body and forecast exactly which steps should be taken for this or that purpose. This information can help you even to lose weight and build muscles.

The most beneficial feature of the Generis mobile healthcare application is that all the articles and available information are based on scientific evidence.

  1. Teladoc

 While the vast majority of mobile medical apps provide people with the ability to get consultations from pediatricians, Teladoc assists in applying to a specific specialist. This platform provides 24/7 professional support for all users. Among available certified doctors there are even neurologists and radiologists.

If a person suffers from some health problems he or she can describe the problem in a message and wait till the consultation is appointed. It usually takes nearly 24 hours to set up a check-up and conduct it. The fee for these online healthcare services depends on a chosen profession. Teladoc enables check-ups via video calls.

Such an option can be entirely beneficial if a person lacks time to visit hospitals or doubt the accuracy of diagnosis made by other doctors.

3.     Better Help

When Better Help appeared it was a real breakthrough in the healthcare industry. This platform offers cheap, convenient, and quick access to professional help in curing mental health problems. It is essential to emphasize that all therapists are licensed and undergo serious checkups before being hired.

Currently, there are more than 14,000 rave notices from satisfied clients about the quality and efficiency of rendered services. Users can communicate with professionals via messaging or video calls.

Many patients underline that online consultations are more comfortable for them. In such a way they feel more secure and protected. The domestic atmosphere helps people with mental problems relax and be sincere with the doctor.

It is crucial that the Better Help app deals with such issues as professional burnouts, and depression. It provides not only personal consultations but also couples and family therapy. In terms of Covid-19 and the tempo of modern life, this app is of paramount importance for our society.

4. MDacne

MDacne is a provider of digital healthcare services that help people suffering from skin problems receive professional help. This platform represents only licensed and experienced dermatologists.

Try to believe it, but doctors can easily analyze the condition of your skin with the help of photos and video calls. In less than 5 minutes a patient can get to know the type of the skin and appropriate treatment for it. Since MDacne can boast of an appealing interface and easy-to-use system, it is considered to be the future of acne treatments.

Patients who are against chemical treatment can opt for natural alternatives. The prescribed remedies can be delivered to the patient’s doorstep.

  1. PEPID

   PEPID is another entirely beneficial application for all users who ask for professional healthcare help from time to time. This platform enables communication between clients and pharmacists. Have you ever faced some problems because of unreadable doctors’ handwriting and prescriptions? If yes, PEPID is a real must-download!

Specialists represented on this platform assist in processing prescriptions via mobile applications, making refills, etc. In such a way this application provides quick and easy access to healthcare information. PEPID is used not only by patients but by pharmacies as well to speed up working processes and increase the quality of rendered services.

This mobile healthcare application stores all data about prescribed medicines and can be very important in cases of emergency. For example, if a person is in a life-threatening condition, his or her treatment history can show whether this patient suffers from allergies or some chronic conditions within a few seconds.

  1. EyeCare Live

 Thanks to EyeCare Live you can easily communicate with your eye doctor with the help of a mobile phone or any other device. However, if you are suffering from serious health problems, this kind of treatment is not for you! Online healthcare services provided by this app include consultations on such minor issues as red eyes, dry eyes, issues with contact lenses or allergy eyes. All these conditions may seem as not serious ones, but without immediate help, they can lead to poor sight and a range of diseases. Firstly, a patient is required to take a photo or video of the eyes. In a few minutes, a chosen doctor connects a client via video call to examine the eye condition better.

  1. OptoVie‪w

OptoView is another beneficial mobile healthcare application for eye treatment. There is a threatening statistic that only 50% of the world’s population get the examination of their eyes timely. Due to this, poor sight and vision loss are among the most widely spread problems.

OptoVies is aimed at changing this statistic and providing high-quality healthcare services. This platform can conduct retinal exams and send available data to professional ophthalmologists.

Patients can choose the doctor according to their preferences and clients feedback. The application shows available optometrists within a particular area. What’s more, there are a lot of tests for analyzing the condition of your eyes and understanding whether you need a professional check-up.

  1. Medici

The main objective of Medici is to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients at affordable prices. This platform offers professional consultations of different specialists.

Patients can choose a doctor according to their preferences and ask for their check-up. All Medici users can explain their symptoms, conditions, send photos if needed and ask for prescriptions.

Thanks to this platform patients can cut on some expenditures that include pricy trips to the hospitals and the eye-to-eye consultation itself. There are no hidden fees and charges for any services. It means that people can estimate their financial opportunities and won’t be surprised by the final bill.

  1. Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand is the best option for patients with a limited budget and time. This platform offers a range of specialists who have vast experience and high professionalism. This application helps clients deal with flu symptoms, allergies, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness, and even sports injuries.

The price of your consultation depends on a chosen healthcare expert. For example, you are expected to pay nearly $50 for a 20-minute psychological session and nearly $100 for one hour online meeting.

You can even get a lactation consultation by paying $35 for a 20-minute session and nearly $80 for a 60-minute one. The main advantage of the Doctor On Demand application is that there are nearly 1,500 licensed physicians available. Thanks to clients’ feedback everyone will be able to find a doctor providing top-quality services. What’s more, you are not required to pay monthly contributions for using this app, just for delivered consultations and services. All patients can also schedule an online visit when it is convenient for them and cover some expenditures with the help of their insurance coverage.

 Final thoughts

  All in all, mobile healthcare applications are entirely beneficial for patients, hospitals, and doctors. The variety of services they provide is enormous. Patients with all kinds of health problems can easily get professional support from licensed medical experts with the help of their smartphone or any other device.

Such solutions are available for all walks of life, because they are more convenient and affordable. Luckily, there are a lot of healthcare applications presented on Play Market and App Store from which everyone can choose the most suitable one according to personal needs and preferences.


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