All About Pork Pie and Picking This Women Hat Style with a Wide Brim

You may have noticed that people are now repurposing classic designs of hats that have been in fashion for decades. It is the case specifically with Panama Hats, Pork Pie, and similar other styles that have been around for a long time. The pork piecame into use nearly 200 years ago, but many modern-day fashionistas want to know more about this popular design. While it is interesting to see this becoming a craze with women of different walks of life and style statements, starting from the basics of this hat can be extra inspiring and comforting. Let’s get down to this hat’s intriguing layers that don’t shy away from using the popular wide brim.

Exploring the inside-out of pork pie hats

When searching for a wide brim hat, don’t be surprised if you discover this specific style. A Pork Pie hat encompasses a particular shape that is unique toit. With a circular brim or sometimes oblong in its construction, a pork pie hat tends to have a flat crown and rounded edges.Usually, people expect its brim to be stingy. But if you wanted a different and extra stylish look, go with a wide-brimmed pork pie. Although many color options are also available, the wide brim can make an excellent pick in black and brown shades. Since these tones go with almost every other colored dress, you can feel tempted to buy one of them.

Don’t be surprised when you find your favorite pork pie hats with attractive accents in the form of colorful ribbons or such highlights that help these hats define their crowns and brims. Anyway, ladies have a reason to smile and rejoice in this hat style that first came for them only. Arguably named after their round shape, these hats entered the outfits in the 19th century. Soon, men also liked this, and in the latter part of the 19th century, it became popular with those working on farms or others who wore it while going out to town or even at formal gatherings.

Nevertheless, pork pie hats are timeless pieces that appeal to everyone. By the 20th century and especially during the 1920s, when flapper dresses came into fashion, this hat was seen with long gloves, garters, and short bobs that presented symmetrical hairdos. That said, the original pork pie hat was popular among men in America between the 1930s and 1950s. But even before that, English women wore similar bonnet styles at around the same time. Today, it has become a favorite accessory among baby boomers and Gen Z, even in its broad brim form for its elusive charm and character.

A few styling tips for a wide-brimmed pork pie hat for women

Since its inception in the 19th century, the basic pork pie hat design hasn’t evolved much. However, how one wears haschanged since then in several ways. People generally mimic jazz musicians from the 1950s and 1960s to adapt this style. Then, some like to blend their tastes and choices to own the look altogether. Still, while many put their spin on this classic hat style, the influence of the old daysis difficult to ignore or overlook.

Although there are similarities between how men and women wear this hat, the latter category doesn’t usually enjoy wearing this fashion accessory in such declined manner. Instead, they tend to wear it more with a flat and inclined look. It makes for a lovely focal point for their hairstyle, specifically if they choose to wear it down or up with a bun or ponytail. You can become a fan of this look, especially if you enjoy looking casual and carefree. Let the hair down if you prefer it this way.

Hats, being accessories that go on the head, offer a lot of scope for variation in terms of style and design. A flat hat like pork pie is no exception. It’s a bit more daring in its design than most other types of hats, but you can still wear it with almost anything. Mix and match clothing items that don’t usually belong together. Some interesting choices include skirts, jumpers, knitted clothes (for example, sweaters and similar warm clothing), vests, denim jeans, or any pants you want. With them, button-down shirts look especially good.

Today’s healthier lifestyles and fashion trends often consider a product’s value and usability and its three dimensions, including structure, texture, and craftsmanship. A pork pie hat with a wide brim is an example of the trend towards today’s more artful world of hat design. When shopping for one, you shouldn’t just look at the outer covering but also examine the materials and the overall construction. In the end, fitting can be the absolute predictor of how successful you have been with your selection. So pay close attention to this factor too.


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