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Android and iOS App development: features and benefits of each system

The prolonged pandemic has dramatically changed the model of work communications. With the advent of covid restrictions, many companies are introducing a remote format of cooperation with employees, contractors and counterparties. As a result, most processes flow into online mode, which requires appropriate tools.

Mobile applications using video and audio communication allow for effective and transparent communications. For example, the number of users of software for remote videoconferencing in March last year grew by more than 1000%. Such areas as education, medicine, and courses have demonstrated a stable need for mobile software solutions for remote interaction with the consumer.

Android and iOS App development: features and benefits of each system

When developing a mobile application, there are two systems that act as a platform for further deployment and launch of the product – Android and iOS. Even though modern programs like React allow you to code for two systems at once, each platform has a number of peculiarities in the concept of publishing and promoting. Android and iOS are the undisputed leaders in the market of software platforms for mobile gadgets. But before you develop software, you should consider the capabilities of each environment. We will also look at why companies prefer IOS developer hire.

Pros of Android Development

The target audience. Android assumes a wider target audience. Over 70% of mobile gadgets are running the Android operating system. This is the majority of the market. Therefore, in terms of further promotion, the application for

Android has a lot of potential in the concept of distribution, simply because there are more Android devices than iOS devices.

Android is open source and based on JS syntax. This is an important advantage, since Javascript is the most widely used programming language in the world. That is, in case of difficulties, it will not be difficult for a beginner to find an answer to a question in a wide circle of the community. Therefore, hire Android developers is very convenient.

Information support. The very belonging of Android to the giant of the IT industry, Google, adds to the attractiveness in terms of the presence of an information base. Google developers offer detailed documentation, technical service and support for newcomers to adapt products in their “author” environment. Android developers have at their disposal training materials and online courses that will help in mastering the development.

Publication. Google Play has a flexible policy on publishing requirements for new apps. The moderation process takes on average from several days to one week. If the application does not violate company policy and does not contain prohibited components, developers will have no difficulty publishing. A newcomer is also required to pay a small one-time fee of $25.

Wide range of devices. Not only smartphones work on android, but also many multi-format tablets with additional accessories. Watches, phones, TVs and even cars also work under the guidance of the Android system.

The main disadvantage of the Android ecosystem lies in the specificity of user behavioral preferences. Not many consumers are willing to spend money on purchasing software. As a rule, developers earn on advertising within the application.

Android and iOS App development features and benefits of each system.jpg

Advantages of iOS Apps

Performance. iOS mobile apps are fast. The platform is reliable, stable, and has a simple architecture, so that the final configuration of the application leaves a minimum of errors.

Autonomous ecosystem. iOS developers do not seek to repeat market trends, so the company’s updates and software solutions remain “author’s” and not without individuality. Having developed one application for iOS, the owner of the software can easily replicate it for all subsequent versions of the operating system.

UI/UX architecture. Apple publishes system operation guidelines in the user interface concept on its website. Although most of the information is in English, you can find detailed recommendations for adapting applications in the software environment in Russian.

Among the conditional disadvantages of iOS, a limited ecosystem can be noted. It is sometimes difficult for iOS smartphone owners to share files with other devices, because most consumers use Android-powered devices.


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