Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Vaping is exciting; however, with frequently changing technology, it can sometimes confuse beginners. It is essential to understand your e-cigarette, as your initial puff will greatly impact how you view vaping. This guide will provide you with the information necessary to enjoy your first vaping experience.

What is an E-cigarette?

Vaping is a new form of smoking using e-cigarettes. An e-cigarette is a device that turns e-liquid or e-juice into vapor to deliver flavors and nicotine. Vape devices are available in different formats, sizes, and styles, including mods and e-cigarettes. Each comprises a heating element, battery, wicking materials, and a tank to hold the e-juice or e-liquid. The e-cigarette is enclosed around a heating coil. The device absorbs the e-juice or e-liquid and produces vapor after pressing the power button. E-cigarettes were initially designed to assist smokers in switching from cigarettes.

How to Vape

You require a few essentials to vape, but a disposable vape device can be the minimum. You safely dispose of it when the battery runs out or out of juice. Sophisticated devices contain everything apart from the e-liquid. Ensure you check the product descriptions, as some kits need a separate battery. When you get your liquid and device, follow the instructions that come with the liquid or device.

Vaping is similar to smoking, but you need to press and hold a button as you inhale. Please do not hold the button when not inhaling as it burns or overheats the coil in the device.

Vaping Equipment

The following are the main types of e-cigarettes

Starter Kits

Starter Kits are a good place to begin your vaping journey. These kits have everything you require to get going, all you need is to buy an e-liquid, and you’re good to go.


These are, in most cases, almost similar to starter kits. However, they are a greater form factor and typically have more power for prolonged vaping with more intense clouds and without charging. Some mods are available without batteries or tanks, which you buy separately. Mods are made for people who are passionate about vaping.


These are the most recent vaping devices in the vaping community. Pods have been made possible by improvements in technology, and they work like starter kits but with a smaller form factor.

Pods are of two types; closed systems and open systems. Closed systems are prefilled pods that you dispose of after consuming the contents, while open systems are refillable with your preferred e-liquid. Pods are ideal due to the small size; they easily fit your pocket.

How Long Do Vape Cartridges Last?

If you’re wondering how long does carts last, the time depends on many factors. Usually, prefilled carts are available in two sizes; 500 mg and 1,000mg. An average person yields at least 75 – 150 puffs from a 500 mg cartridge. This is assuming that they have three to five milligrams per puff.

Vaping Styles

Vaping can be done in two ways, Direct to Lung 9DTL) and Mouth to Lung (MTL). DTL and MTL are common terms in the vaping community to explain inhalation methods. Each method is good as there’s no wrong or right way to vape, only personal preference.

Mouth to lung vaping is where the smoker sucks the vape/smoke into their mouth and then inhales it into their lungs from the mouth. This is usually because of the cigarette’s limited airflow and the probability of inhaling excess smoke.

Direct to the lung is the most popular way to vape as the experience is less bitter than smoking, and their less restriction of airflow. You inhale the vapor directly into your lungs without sucking the device. This will make you inhale more vape into your lungs because you utilize your full lung capacity instead of the restricted air volume you can get into your mouth.


Your vaping style depends on personal preferences and your vaping goals. Be aware that the style you use for your first vaping experience is not necessarily what you’ll use in the future. You can have multiple vaping devices and choose the style you want according to your mood.

Knowing the vaping style you want, DTL or MTL, to help you have the best vaping experience when choosing a vaping device. Both vaping styles are good as long as they help you keep away from cigarettes.


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