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Best 8 Education App Ideas for 2021 Startups

Mobile apps take over almost every segment of the market, including education.according to StatistaIn the first quarter of 2020, Education app The Apple App Store and Google Play Store have been downloaded more than 900 million times.

Educational app ideas for startups

Now, if you have plans to release your own educational apps on the market, but aren’t sure about the features you can integrate into them, we can help. In addition, we list some important ideas that may be useful to users of educational apps. So, if you are interested, please read this blog to the end.

Best Education Startup Ideas

Here, we’ve sought out some of the best app ideas for startups that can decisively support the education industry. Let’s take a look at these ideas.

1. AR-based educational app

AR-based educational app

Augmented reality or AR is growing and progressing rapidly over time. This technology continues the market segments such as gaming and interior design.One of the best technologies for e-learning In the app development segment, AR can be used to educate students on healthcare, engineering, and more.

2. Private virtual lesson via app

One of the best app ideas for students Top app development company You can use a private virtual tutor to develop educational apps. Currently, if a student is trapped in a home in a pandemic-like situation, a tutor can help with effective learning. Therefore, an app for tutors deserves to be one of the top app ideas for startups.

3. Quiz the app to make learning effective

Quiz app to make learning effective

It’s always a good idea to test your knowledge after finishing a chapter.Therefore, the quiz Mobile apps in education You can easily become one of the app ideas for students. Udemy, Khan Academy, CourseraAnd other users are already using the quiz to test their knowledge.

4. School bus tracking app

School bus tracking app

Now, isn’t it cool to track the school bus in real time to keep up with it, or to wait for it if it’s late?If you think it’s a good idea, you can hire one of the best App development company for startups Build it for you. This app works the same as Uber, but for school buses. It is also useful for school. Users can evaluate bus drivers according to their own experience or the student’s experience.

5. Track the learning progress app

One of the most popular app ideas for students in use is to track learning progress.With the help of AI in educationYou can also use this data to provide users with customized learning patterns to make the learning process more effective. Major names such as Udemy and Coursera are already using the ideas of these educational apps.

6. An app for reselling or recycling your books and gadgets

Well, it’s hard to be a student today, especially with the progress of digitalization. Therefore, we recommend recycling or reselling used gadgets. When users aren’t using books or gadgets, they can be listed in a user-designed educational app. Help students by reducing waste of plastic and paper usage.this is Top education app Ideas can effectively save learners money.

7. Audiobook reading app

One of the most effective e-learning app ideas can include audiobooks. Students can learn even when they are absorbed in something like traveling. It not only helps you remember things, but also improves your personal focus.

8. AI Vocabulary and Pronunciation App

If you own a company or plan to hire Educational app development company If you specialize in AI, we recommend using it for educational apps. AI can help students in language learning. For example, the user can say a word and AI can determine if the user is right or wrong. AI can also convey the correct pronunciation and evaluate repetition.

In conclusionWell, these were the best mobile business ideas in the app. However, in the future, continuous technological evolution will undoubtedly bring new ideas to more mobile apps in the education sector. Therefore, investigating and monitoring trends is always the key to winning the competition. Hopefully these ideas described above will help your business grow.

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Best 8 Education App Ideas for 2021 Startups

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