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Best board games 2022

Let’s play, but not soulless video games, but warm lamplight board games. How to choose the best board game for yourself and fun company. Although in today’s world more and more common are different ways to spend leisure time at the computer, whether it be online games or strategies and shooters, board games are still one of the most popular leisure activities for a friendly company on a weekend evening. Today, KP will discuss the best board games of 2021.

Choosing a board game for a get-together with friends is not as obvious as it may seem at first glance. There are a lot of options and mechanics, and to understand them at once, sometimes it is difficult even to an experienced person.

Board games – the oldest form of entertainment, however, this industry is not standing still and is constantly trying to offer the player something new. Games are divided into many types according to parameters such as: the type of items used, the number of players, the level of cooperation, the dynamics and more https://yagupov.su/.

It is worth paying attention to the level of difficulty and dynamics of the game, which is directly related to the characters and hobbies of players. Some like slow, turn-based games with developed strategic and tactical planning, some prefer more dynamic entertainment or games with a role-playing element and deep dive into the setting.

Top 6 list

Editor’s choice

  1. “Jenga” by Hasbro

A time-tested classic. Jenga is an extremely simple game with a very low entry threshold for new players. The rules are simple: the same wooden blocks (there are options with blocks of plastic, but they are less convenient) formed a tower, then at its base the players take turns pulling blocks and rearrange them on top of a tower until it collapses. The one who collapsed the tower – out. Decent game for a small group of friends who do not want to bother themselves with complicated rules.

Pros and cons:

Reasonable cost, ease of mastering, durability.

Though they write in the instructions, that it is suitable for large companies, practice shows, that the game is good for 3-4 people at most; lack of variety of game forms, and monotonous game mechanics get bored very quickly

  1. “Rick and Morty: All in All”

Extremely successful board game based on the extremely popular animated series. This game has organically incorporated the spirit of the franchise about the adventures of a battered boy and his brilliant grandfather, a scientist, an alcoholic. The essence of the game is fully dictated by the cartoon series of the same name (recommended viewing for the uninitiated before getting acquainted with the game). Players must figure out, through manipulation with action cards, which of the presented characters is a friend and which is an alien parasite. There are two modes: the normal mode, in which players act together, gradually shooting parasites. And advanced, immediately turning the process into a kind of legendary “Mafia”, when each player takes on the role of some character, and the other players must not only deal with the friends and vermin already on the table, but also try to figure out which of them is a friend or an alien. One of the sales hits of the 2020-2021 season, a game great for groups of 4 or more.

Pros and cons:

Low cost, dynamic, popular and witty setting

Experienced players often complain about the incompleteness of certain game mechanics; the instructions are written sloppily, giving the impression of an extremely complex and confusing game; cards made of low-quality cardboard

  1. “Star Wars: Uprising”

After moving the rights to the “Star Wars” in the hands of Disney, everything associated with this franchise has received a second birth. Board games were no exception. A massive and truly addictive game for fans of the saga and fans of multi-level planning. Uprising came out in 2018, but it’s still one of the top selling hits among premium board games. Players will have to lead one of the factions, the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. During truly long games (up to 240 minutes!) players will fight for control of planets and their orbits, build ground bases and space stations, recruit soldiers and equipment, build ships and various weapons, actively use the game bonuses of Dark and Light Side of the Force characters. A game for small groups of experienced players.

Pros and cons:

Scale, engaging gameplay, beautiful and high-quality execution of all game elements

High entry threshold; critically unsuitable for large groups, ideal for two players; extremely high price

What other board games are worth checking out?

  1. “Cluedo: Sherlock Edition by Hasbro

Cluedo – unfamiliar to domestic players a classic American game detective, created in 1948. Players take on the role of several characters, a murder situation is formed by random selection. Players must figure out who committed the crime, with what and where, collecting clues and clues at every turn. Not surprisingly, over the years a great many variations of this game have been produced in the setting of famous detective movies and TV series. Successful British TV series “Sherlock” perfectly merged with the game mechanics “Cluedo” and in this form this game first hit the Russian market (knowledgeable people may recall the unlicensed Russian adaptation of “Theft,” but it does not count). Features and various “chips” of the series and its characters successfully integrated into the game, and the scenario for the “cases” that players investigate is formed from the plots present in “Sherlock”. A fascinating game for fans of the detective genre.

Pros and cons:

Addictive gameplay, dynamic, popular setting

Unreasonably high cost for a game of this type, poor replayability

  1. “Colt Express by Asmodee

This is a board game in the style of the Wild West. Players have to share the responsibility to rob the train and not get caught by the sheriff. The gameplay is formed from the use of action cards players to access the loot or “firefights” with the sheriff and his deputies. Quite fast and easy to learn dynamic game that will go well with a dashing cowboy mood.

Pros and cons:

Reasonable price, beautiful execution of all elements of the game, suitable for large companies of up to 6 people

Although the game is pretty simple, the instruction and all the elements have not been officially localized for the Russian market, so without at least a basic knowledge of English it is better not even approach it; plastic cars, a locomotive, figures and terrain elements are made of fairly low-quality plastic and easily broken

  1. “Uno by Mattel

Extremely easy to learn card game. The aim of the game is not to allow other participants to leave all the cards, laying them out with the same color or image as the last. In the course are different tricks and “dirty tricks” determined by the abilities of different cards. This game is an excellent option for people just beginning to get acquainted with the world of board games.

Pros and cons:

Low cost, easy to learn, dynamic

The game is designed for large groups, the gameplay is very monotonous, the cards are of low-quality thin cardboard

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