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Best Tips To Prepare For Microsoft Azure Certification Exam

Preparing for a Microsoft Azure certification is pretty straightforward, but the process of understanding how to prepare may be perplexing for some people. Honestly, it is as easy as it gets. All you have to know is where to start and how to go about it. Once you are set, there is no turning back.

Certificates are significant to land any reputable job. It helps build a sense of reliability and allows you to showcase your experience in a specific industry. With an Azure certification, you can end up having your dream Microsoft Azure job in no time.

Follow our quick guide below to gather the tips for Azure certification exam preparation.

Which Microsoft Azure Certification Should You Obtain?

It depends upon your goals. So, determine what type of certification you are looking to achieve. Microsoft cloud certifications are a buzzword among most individuals preparing for such exams. On that note, you can select the AZ-900 exam to reach your goal. Microsoft Azure provides many other certifications. With a little bit of research, you can analyse what will suit ideally according to your preference and requirement. Azure also offers role-based certifications that align with most people looking for real-time jobs in the cloud sector. So, acquire it accordingly.

What To Do To Study For This Certification?

If you want to start from scratch, it would be wise to consider the proper Azure certification training. So, you will be able to acquire comprehensive skill sets. Many people generally like a mix of tools to work with. During such times, one can look at Cloud Guru for several free courses to spoil you for choices. If you already have a learning experience, you can test your skill sets by reviewing them on ‘Microsoft skills online.’ Do not hesitate to explore the options as per your likes and requirements. Choose the one that fits your preferences ideally. Setting up a free Azure account to tap into the various cloud services they offer can also help you gather a list of what to expect.

Which Azure Certification Is Best For Beginners?

The AZ-900 course is a hands-down Azure certification exam that requires foundational knowledge. This certification does not require any experience. Individuals looking for cloud prospects can dive into this certification and gather the necessary expertise. It also allows them to sharpen their examination skills and uplift their confidence. With such Microsoft Azure certifications at hand, you can land a top-paying Azure job right on time. So, if you want to jump-start your cloud career, the AZ-900 is the way to go.

How Tough Is It To Crack?

Honestly, it is as easy as it can get. Since it requires minimal to no experience, it goes easy on beginners. But that doesn’t mean you are allowed to underestimate the examination altogether. It does require a high level of understanding of the cloud computing industry and the services Azure provides. They have stringent selection criteria. So, they will only select individuals who are genuinely passionate about the certification and pass the exam with quality grades.

How To Prepare For The Azure Certification Exam?

There are many versatile techniques to study and prepare for the Azure certification exam. Most of the scopes are flooded online. Video training, blogs, articles are practical papers available in large numbers on the internet relating to this exam. You may also find e-learning courses for specialised training. All these techniques will help you to sharpen your skills, prepare skillfully and speed up your writing. As a result, you can pass the examination without much inconvenience and receive an immediate certification for the next step.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare For The Exam?

Generally, investing a few dedicated hours for two months continuously will fetch the results for you. But it mostly depends on your capabilities. Based on that, you may end up preparing for the certification exam before or post the two months. It also depends on the depth of the study we are engaging in. Always keep enough time at hand to go through the preparation once again. Do not hurry. Once you are comfortable with defining the functions of a service, you will be all set.

How Can I Receive Extensive Practice With Microsoft Azure For Free?

If you do not want to deal with Azure Certification Cost, create a free Microsoft Azure account online. With that at hand, you will be able to access a few services for free. You may be allowed to do this for up to a year. You may also get to use a few “always-free services.” If you are not ready to handle the budgets, it is wise to set up Azure budget and billing alerts for safety.


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