Bonus codes 101 – what do you need to know about them before playing in an online casino?

Even people who don’t like using online betting promotions will inevitably stumble upon offers that require promo codes. Besides online betting, some people use bonus codes for all sorts of things. For example, many online shops offer special discounts to people with a promo code.

When it comes down to online betting, promo codes usually don’t provide any discounts. However, they have other important features, especially for those interested in online casinos. The latter has become the preferred variation among new and experienced casino fans due to the things they offer. Although some brands offer the same things, online casinos want to prove to their customers they are different. Consequently, they created numerous promo codes that might help them in some situations.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you find an online casino with a bonus code.

Bonus codes are often the only way to put some of the offers to the test

Everyone interested in online casinos knows that there are all sorts of promotions. The majority of them give additional cash and free spins, but some places also offer cashback, a VIP club, and no deposit bonuses. Even though offers that don’t require you to spend money are rare, people using the promo code SILENTBET will have access to such an offer. If you use this no deposit code for FortuneJack offered for the new customers of the casino, you will have the option to get 50 free spins. Although some users may think this reward is not that impressive, no deposit bonuses are not that common, even in casinos requiring a bonus code.

Before deciding which reward to use, you need to check when to apply the promo code. In rare cases, the iGaming operator will require you to use the promotional code after making a deposit. This usually means you have to contact the live chat or send an email. 

Luckily, most offers (regardless if they require a deposit or not) require a bonus code before you fund your account. You can learn more about this specific requirement after skimming through the Terms and Conditions of the specific bonuses.

Some bonus codes are time-sensitive

There are all sorts of promotional codes that you will have access to. Some of them are available all the time, which means that you can use them whenever you want. For example, the Fortunejack promo code SILENTBET for the no deposit bonus can be applied while signing up, and it is not time-sensitive. However, this isn’t the case for other bonus codes.

Since some iGaming operators want their offers to be even more unique, they change them regularly. This means that the promo code you may have to use to get them will only be available for a brief period of time. 

Try to avoid any mistakes while using the promo code

The last important thing we’d like to point out is that users have to be careful not to make a mistake while using a specific bonus code. Most online casinos have a sophisticated system that automatically detects when a given user applies a bonus code. Therefore, failing to apply the code when it’s needed means you won’t be able to avail yourself of the specific promotion.

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