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Careers in Chemistry are Growing in Demand – Here’s why

We live in a science-driven world, so there’s no wonder that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers have become more and more marketable.

Chemistry, often defined as the science and art of matter, makes for a successful career, mainly because it has universal applications. There will always be a need for experts in the field, given that everything around us revolves around matter. Chemistry’s presence is felt in every aspect of our lives, every material we come in contact with. It is the one that helps us understand the world, resolves the complex challenges of the modern age, and leads to further discoveries that make our lives easier.

Apart from the healthcare industry (with which it is often associated), chemistry is applied in various industries, such as transportation, energy, food, and even arts.

Therefore, if you’re majoring in chemistry or planning to do so, here are some useful insights that will help you make the best decision that suits your career goals:

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Why chemistry careers are marketable nowadays

There are various reasons why a career in chemistry is in high demand today, and here’re only a few of them:

Find cures for illnesses and diseases

Due to their laborious research, chemists make significant contributions in medicine, finding cures for illnesses and diseases. And it’s vital to understand the human body in order to do so. Bacteria, for example, can affect the organism in various ways, and treatment works differently from patient to patient. Depending on their health condition and potential complications, a customized medication may be required. Chemists are, in this case, the ones who test how different substances react and what their effects are. Progresses in diagnostic tools are also due to chemists. Without computed tomography or magnetic resonance, healthcare professionals wouldn’t determine what people suffer from.

Create new materials

Chemistry is a vast discipline that allows constant discoveries. You should know that the study of chemistry is not only about chemical formulas but also about breaking down matter into its core elements to have a clearer idea about material design. Due to these specific insights, chemists can further create new forms of matter, organic or inorganic. Materials, such as sensors, molecular transporters and filters, catalysts, electron-conducting ensembles, or artificial scaffolds, are used in various industries, from medicine to agriculture. Therefore, understanding the molecular behavior of materials plays a critical role in technological advancement.

Make the world a safer place

Believe it or not, the world is full of threats. Whether we’re talking about environmental issues (effects of climate change, pollution, soil degradation, etc.) or food-related problems, chemists work together to solve some of them. Water and air quality, for example, are vital for safe living, so it’s indispensable to have chemists analyze the different substances that may contaminate them.

In criminal justice, chemistry is also applied to analyze the evidence at a crime scene. So, suppose you ever wanted to have a career in law, but if a lawyer or officer profession is not really your thingyou can still contribute to the process of making justice by opting to become a forensic expert.

Top careers in chemistry in 2022

Now that you’ve figured out the reasons why a career in chemistry is so marketable in today’s science-driven world, here’re some exciting career options to have in mind when applying for your next job in chemistry:

Chemical engineer

If you’re thinking about a career in chemical engineering, learn that it is as challenging as rewarding. Chemical engineers’ role is to turn raw materials into useful products, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. This process implies a deep knowledge of chemistry principles and good physics, math, and biology skills. Chemical engineers are usually divided into two categories: those working on designing and manufacturing machinery and plants and those preoccupied with developing new or better-quality materials and substances. Some of their responsibilities include ensuring the health and safety standards of products and less impacting the environment.


These professionals deal with the impact of chemical substances, including drugs, on living organisms. They’re of great help in cases of food poisoning, given the large number of people exposed to contaminated foods. The exposure to toxins and toxicants such as chlorine and carbon monoxide has also increased significantly (due to their household use), so it must be taken seriously. And that’s what toxicologists do: develop solutions to cure intoxicated patients.

If this career has seriously caught your attention, you should know that an in-depth knowledge of substances is required. So, if you want to gain more understanding of the field, you can work with an online tutor for further training.

Water chemist

Water is essential for human life, so it’s crucial to maintain its condition and quality. Knowledge from geology and microbiology is also required to perform this profession since water study implies analyzing potential pollutants. As you can see, it’s all about substances and their impact (either positive or negative) on the environment. Water chemists are in high demand these days due to the more and more acute need for purified water. They can be hired by a private environmental management organization or the government. And if you’re wondering if you’re going to work only in a lab, learn that this career is also a dynamic one – water chemists can practice fieldwork being summoned to various locations for water examination.

Forensic expert

Forensic science might be the correct answer if you’re stuck on whether to choose a career in chemistry or law. These professionals work on criminal and civil cases, studying the physical evidence at a crime scene. They have a crucial role in determining the DNA in the body fluids found at a crime site, and that’s why they’re sought-after by law enforcement.

However, you should know that this profession doesn’t involve only a chemistry degree – in some cases, you have to attend criminology or criminal justice courses. But we assure you this career path is worth the effort – annual salaries in forensic science exceed $95,000.


Were these insights useful? If so, we hope you’ll make the right choice regarding your career path. And don’t forget – hard work and passion are essential to succeed.

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