Cyber 1 data center’s fire after servers explode, how long is the data security way to go?

Recently, a fire was caught at Cyber 1 data center in Jakarta, Indonesia, with internet services being severely interrupted and 2 technicians killed. According to the head of the rescue team, the fire was caused by a server explosion.

Cyber 1 data center is the choice of many digital operators for hosting services, including well-known Indonesian Internet service provider APJII, the service of whom were interrupted due to the accident, along with local service providers in the country including ShopeePay, IPOT and Magic also being affected at different extend. Fortunately, the fire did not spread further besides the second floor to affect data equipment of more service providers or important government data stored on other floors.

Cyber 1 data center’s fire after servers explode, how long is the data security way to go?

It’s reported that this was not the first time the data center got caught in the fire. The same thing had once happened in 2015, but luckily no people injure/death or equipment damage was found.

Such incidents seem to happen a lot around the world in recent years. This April, Generator fire brought down WebNX data center in Utah; This March, a massive fire destroyed OVH Data Center in Strasbourg, France; On August 2020, faulty UPS triggers fire at Telstra’s London data center…However, there are very few that managed to recover business in a very short time when things like this hit data centers, all because of the absence of an effective enterprise-grade disaster recovery plan.

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