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Do you make these mistakes playing online poker? EasyPPPoker explains them to us

Online poker is a much more accessible variant of poker and allows you to start taking your first steps in this game through a screen. But the complexity of the game remains the same and the probability of falling into mistakes that compromise the viability of the game in the short term are the order of the day due to overconfidence or arrogance.

The most common mistakes made in online poker games

There is one thing that needs to be understood about online poker, and that is that just because a modality is more accessible does not mean that it is more complex. In fact, online poker is the irrefutable proof that there can be a difficult game that, being accessible, does not diminish its enormous latent complexity.

This inevitably leads to errors. Poker is a game that requires control, discipline and dedication, in which rehearsal is fundamental and in which it is difficult to advance if one does not learn from past mistakes. That is why the mistakes made in online poker are usually very similar to those that a novice can make at a physical table, as long as we are talking about common aspects and not about specific elements, such as body language or the ability to read face to face, things that may be limited by the characteristics of the modality itself.

1.- Playing too many hands.

This is a textbook beginner’s mistake, especially in online poker. “As it is more accessible and immediate, it gives the feeling that it is a more casual game, more thrown, where fun is the priority; sometimes it is so, but we must not forget that we bet with real money and the longevity in the game can be compromised immediately if we start playing as if it were any application of the digital store of the manufacturer,” explained from EasyPPPoker.

“The best thing to do is to try to adopt attitudes typical of a physical table so as not to fall into vices that are difficult to correct later, since online poker, although many do not believe it, is a game almost as strategic as traditional poker,” they explain.

The typical “loose” style that is then accompanied by a very unaggressive style (“passive”) gives away a player who is playing too many hands. These players tend to fall quickly to higher level opponents, as it is evident in their own style that they are taking more than they can handle.

2.- Getting carried away by the dynamics of the table.

Aware of the sensations caused by the digital poker tables, some players tend to use legitimate tricks to make their opponents bite the dust. For example, there are players who when they see that they are not going usually interfere in the pace of the game causing an abrupt increase or decrease in the pace with the intention that the rivals lose concentration and get carried away, falling into a bad move that makes them lose money and confidence in future moves.

“It is the players who should be in control of the pace of the table and not the other way around. A player who is being carried away by the dynamics of the table is easy prey, as he has lost control of what is happening in the game,” explains the EasyPPPoker team. “These players are the first to fall when someone has encouraged a change of pace, so it pays to be aware and not lose concentration to detect when a player is trying to force a tricky situation for the rest of the players,” they say.

Nowadays, some of the best PPPoker clubs dedicated to the organization of online games are putting a stop to these practices as unsportsmanlike. Complaints from some players in official Internet forums, exposing the dubious legality of practices whose sole purpose is to harm the game of an opponent without obtaining any clear benefit in return, have given impetus to these measures to promote fair and safe play in their online rooms.

3.- Playing only with your cards.

This is a mistake that novices also tend to make in physical poker games. A good player not only plays with the cards he has in his hands, but also with those of the other players. “This is fundamental, almost the first lesson that every inexperienced player must learn to gain experience and know how to manage at a poker table of a certain level,” says the EasyPPPoker team. “In online poker that doesn’t change one bit: you have to play with other people’s cards to get a better hand, which is what counts in the end,” they add.

4.- Thinking only about profits.

A major mistake is to play without a head, thinking only about the profit margin and not paying attention to what is happening at the table. “This is the fastest way to lose the whole stack, and it happens not only to the most inexperienced players: also, to the most impulsive or to those who are victims of an outburst or a fortuitous surge of confidence,” they explain. “That’s why self-control and discipline are so important, because there’s no point in working hard to win if you lose everything in one fell swoop.

This is more likely to happen in an environment of false security, where a player is more likely to suffer the consequences of a rush of euphoria and end up losing everything in one bad move. Online poker often conveys this feeling and has nothing to do with reality, so it is always advisable to play with caution and pay attention to everything that is happening at every moment at the table.

Therefore, the best thing to do is always to start playing online poker bearing in mind that it is just another form of poker, that there is nothing casual about it and that it has a powerful strategic component that should not be ignored, as the EasyPPPoker team itself comments. “It is essential not to underestimate the capacity of online poker and not to treat it, despite being a game, as a substitute for traditional poker: online poker is true and genuine poker, with the typical variables that can be found in other formats, but with the same essence as traditional games”, they state.


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