Hair Goes Hybrid – How barbers are using Booksy to manage on-site and mobile appointments

Just when we thought we were coming out the other end of the pandemic, along comes a new variant to stop us in our tracks. Thankfully, the initial signs are that Christmas 2021 won’t be marred by too many restrictions but, salon owners are, understandably, proceeding with caution.

A vary merry Christmas

As new guidelines come into play, salon owners have responded by reintroducing masks and social distancing within salons to keep staff and customers safe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many salons have also removed their reception desks and waiting areas to further cut the risk of infection. All of these measures do, of course, cost time and money and, as if salon owners didn’t have enough to deal with due to COVID-19, they also experienced a threat from another direction – the black market stylist. During the various lockdowns, a number of hair and beauty professionals decided that the rules didn’t apply to them and began to make illicit home visits to customers who prioritised style over safety.  As restrictions eased and salons once again opened their doors, a lot of customers found themselves reluctant to return for a couple of reasons:

Fear of infection – Some customers are, understandably, still very concerned about the risk of contracting COVID-19; particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable.  This has led to a considerable number of customers continuing to hire their at-home stylist.

Convenience – Having enjoyed the benefit of having their hair done in the comfort of their own home, the cost and hassle of a trip into town is less than appealing and, these people too will continue working with their home stylist.

Balancing the books

Because of this, a large number of salon owners have found that the only way they are able to retain customers is to offer mobile appointments themselves. While this will no doubt help them keep their customers happy, it does add a considerable conundrum in terms of management. For smaller salons, striking the right balance between on-site and mobile appointments can be a tall order in terms of staffing.  Upwardly mobile salon owners are setting the wheels in motion by getting onboard with Booksy’s appointment management system. With headquarters in the USA, the UK and Poland, Booksy has 17 million customers worldwide and can help salon owners keep their staffing straight with some great and affordable features, including:

Salon managementBooksy’s AI powered salon management system is a life saver for salon owners who can use this to better manage their staff and, therefore, save money. This essential tool means that owners are able to create more intelligent schedules for staff and manage their time better.

Appointment booking – With the Booksy app, customers are able to quickly and easily book and manage their own appointments which means that owners no longer need to hire a dedicated receptionist. Customers can also state within the booking whether they require an on-site or mobile appointment, thereby helping owners to schedule more effectively.

Marketing – Once a salon owner has decided to offer mobile appointments, it’s time to spread the word! Booksy’s marketing features, including email outreach and flyers, are a fast and affordable way of letting customers, and potential customers, know what you’re up to.

Payment – While offering mobile services can help keep customers, it’s not really practical for stylists to travel around with a card payment machine. Thankfully, Booksy has the answer in the form of its in-app payment and prepayment options which allow owners to receive payment and prepayment for services through the app without any fuss.


Many things have changed since the beginning of the pandemic and adapting to these changes has almost been a full time job for salon owners. Booksy’s clever features allow hair and beauty professionals to successfully meet the challenges of a changing world and to continue doing what they do best – serving their customers.

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