Healthy habits to maintain the health of your spine

Spinal health is a concern for many, and with good reason. A healthy spine not only keeps us mobile and feeling well, but it also prevents conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis from developing. This blog post provides tips for maintaining healthy habits of the physical body. These are not specifically targeted to those who suffer from a spinal cord injury but can help maintain general health and mobility. I hope that you’ll find these ideas helpful! So without further ado, let’s get started!

General rules

There is no way that you can keep your spine correctly if you are overweight or if you are not eating well. To keep your spine healthy, one must maintain an active lifestyle. This means being physically active regularly and doing sit-ups daily. It also includes getting proper sleep every night and staying hydrated by drinking enough water every day. If you’re not actively exercising or sleeping well daily, there’s no way that your body will remain strong and help support itself properly. Additionally, a healthy spine will always be supported by a healthy body.

To maintain the health of your spine, it’s essential to make sure that you get proper amounts of exercise every day and make sure that you’re getting enough rest and sleep every night. You should also make an effort to stay limber by doing sit-ups or practicing yoga daily.

Why are healthy habits important?

Spinal cord injuries make it so that you have to support your body without the aid of your limbs. You have to use your core muscles to do everything from sitting up in bed to walking out of a room. You need to exercise them regularly and with great intensity for these core muscles to stay strong. You should also practice yoga or some sort of flexibility training to keep your bones and muscles supple. When you’re limber and fit, you can move more easily around the house and find a more comfortable position in bed. You just feel better, and your body is resistant to injury.

When you have a spinal cord injury, you spend a lot of time walking around in a chair or using an iPad. To make sure that your muscles stay strong and limber, you should make an effort to take walk-and-roll breaks regularly throughout the day. You should also try to get out of bed frequently to stretch your legs and stand up straight.

Another critical factor for maintaining healthy habits is staying hydrated throughout the day. It’s essential to drink water regularly to keep well hydrated and help flush out all of the toxins from within your body.

Common mistakes

Many habits are good for maintaining the health of your spine and preventing injury, but many mistakes can be fatal. These would include sitting all day at your desk, constantly reclining on the couch, not exercising or sleeping enough, eating fatty foods, and not drinking water in sufficient amounts.

Everyday healthy habits to maintain

The following are some healthy habits that you should try to incorporate into your life every week:

  1. Daily fluids – water. Drinking water is crucial for maintaining a healthy body because it flushes toxins from within the body and prevents dehydration. You should aim for half your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink at least 75 ounces of water.
  2. Stretch before work – Individuals get up from a seated position on the couch or desk chair for spinal cord injuries. Try yoga poses every morning before work to help relax the back and make it easier to sit or stand up straight. These yoga poses will also help you become more limber.
  3. Stand up a few times per day – Get up out of bed and get some fresh air every morning by walking around the room. This helps to stretch your legs and activate your core muscles, which will prevent back pain in the long run.
  4. Other ways to stay healthy while living with a spinal cord injury: Try to keep your weight under control by not having large amounts of fatty foods or drinks like soda or fruit juice. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits low in fat and high in fiber (broccoli, cabbage, blackberries or berries, apples or oranges). Eat lean meat if you eat it at all.

When is surgery needed?

Surgery is usually required when a spinal cord injury occurs, but there are many cases where surgery is unnecessary.  If a guy has a spinal cord injury, can walk with assistance and has no lower body paralysis, surgery is needed.  If a person cannot walk and cannot use their legs, it’s better to get surgical treatment regularly to keep the muscles healthy and active. Many patients also used Premia Spine TOPS System as an alternative method to fusion surgery. This implant helps prevent pressure on the spinal cord, leading to permanent damage or causing a person to become paralyzed.

However, suppose there is still nerve damage (even with a lower level of paralysis) after six months of rehabilitation. In that case, it’s time to consult an orthopedic specialist or a neurologist so that you may receive further help with the treatment and the leg rehabilitation process.


Spinal cord injuries are prevalent and dangerous if they are not treated correctly. Many people have spinal cord injuries that live a whole, happy life, but many people spend their whole lives in pain.

The main goals for anyone living with spinal cord injury should be to maintain their health as much as possible and to prevent potential problems from developing. The best way to do this is by getting help from an experienced spinal cord injury professional to ensure that you get the care and treatment you need and that your spine is healthy.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on how to stay healthy when you have problems with your spine.


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