How Can You Terminate Your Business Electricity Contracts?

Business electricity in the UK has its ups and downs, and there may be times when you want to terminate your contract. We all hate the feeling associated with having to negotiate the cancellation terms.

After all, the support agents at these companies are trained to keep you tied down for the most extended duration possible. However, with the right tips and steps by your side, you can quickly terminate your business electricity contract in the UK.

How Can You Terminate Your Business Electricity Contract?


Business contracts are generally for a longer length of time, usually at least a year. Moreover, you are not allowed to terminate the deal before the renewal session starts. Here are the actions to take if your existing energy contract is due to expire and you want to cancel it.

Take A Look at The Renewal Letter


In case your company is classified as a microbusiness, your provider is required by law to give you a renewal notice at least two or three months before the end of your agreement. Your agreement discontinuation and extension choices will be detailed in the renewal notice.

It will also include details on your price and yearly use estimates. Make a mental note of this number since it will aid you in comparing market offers if you decide to transfer providers.

If your company isn’t designated a microbusiness, you’re responsible for remembering your agreement renewal date and terminating it on time. You can locate the expiration date of your agreement on a recent bill if you’re uncertain. However, you can get this data from your provider as well.

Send A Termination Letter

If you wish to end your electricity agreement, you’ll need to approach your provider and let them know you’re no longer interested in their offerings. A reminder letter is an excellent method to accomplish this.

You can send this notification through email or regular mail, and if feasible, use a paper with your corporate brand on it. If you decide to send a letter through email, make sure to activate receipt confirmation notifications to guarantee that it arrives.

Find A New Provider

You may start comparing more business electricity deals once you’ve delivered your termination notice to your existing supplier. This is the greatest method to get a cheaper deal on electricity for your business. Evaluating energy rates is a time-consuming and perplexing process. But don’t be worried. With online comparison tools for business electricity in the UK, you can locate the best rates on the market in no time.

You may use the free comparison engines to input your address, contact details, and some general information about your energy requirements, and the firm will provide you a quotation with a range of acceptable energy tariffs in a couple of moments.

Final Thoughts

The cost of power for businesses is increasing. However, you may still save money on your energy costs. It is not as difficult as it may appear to cancel an existing business electricity contract.

After you’ve canceled your old contract, you may use internet tools to compare business electricity costs to save time and money and locate the best choices for you. Start saving immediately and use the methods above to get out of your current contract.


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