How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Transform Your Business

Many science fiction works have popular themes about how intelligent machines learn new jobs. This is discussed by futurologists, business analysts, and ordinary people. You can find many resources with long lists of professions that will disappear in the next 5, 10, and 50 years for this reason. The topic is fertile, but in fairness, it should be said that one does not need to look to the future trying to find appropriate examples there. The process called “Something will end, something will begin” has been going on non-stop for more than one hundred or even a thousand years. Suffice it to recall the riots of the Luddites, who desperately but unsuccessfully tried to stop the industrial revolution.

Today, before our eyes, a new chapter in global history called “Industry 4.0” is simply beginning. And the essence of these changes is that routine, cyclically repeating operations start to be performed by systems with artificial intelligence. This is especially true for areas with a high probability of error due to the human factor – fatigue, inattention, incorrect interpretation of the chain of multiple elements.

Let’s analyze the history of the emergence of intelligent devices in our lives and in the lives of previous generations. We will definitely note that every time we managed to automate one or another  ​​human activity, our brains and hands were freed for more intellectual, creative, exciting, and profitable work.

To date, IoT technology has long gone beyond purely home use at the level of Smart-TVs and intellectual refrigerators. Entire industries are using the advances of artificial intelligence to streamline and improve their workflows.

Obviously, no matter what area your business belongs to, in order to remain competitive in a world that changes every second, you should seriously think about which applications for IoT you should implement shortly.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Transform Your Business

Examples of Internet of Things devices

To get at least the most general idea of ​​​​areas of human activity and, of course, business IoT is actively present, let’s look at this list of examples of Internet of Things devices. Compiling this list, we rely on the data of TestFort IoT testing company, which has many years of experience in the Quality Assurance of IoT devices as well as other open data available on the web.

  • Cybersecurity Hubs are elements of a smart network for a home or enterprise that combines various IoT devices into a single system. Such solutions allow you to ensure the overall security of the entire system, intelligently adjusting to each device’s subtle settings and interface.
  • Smart Outlets and Plugs – these devices allow you to remotely manage both the entire network as a whole and each of its elements. Moreover, artificial intelligence and manual programming allow for the most efficient and economical energy consumption. This, in turn, guarantees a severe economic effect on your business.
  • Smart cars are a dynamically developing IoT industry. It includes both relatively simple automatic messages to pre-programmed addresses about any problems on the road and complex logistics solutions for large carrier enterprises.
  • Smart ovens can independently search for the necessary recipes and select the required temperature and time for their preparation. Such IoT devices are already actively used in the restaurant business, significantly reducing waste and energy costs.
  • Integrated systems to ensure the safety of buildings and people in them. A complex system of sensors connected in a single network analyzes dozens and hundreds of indicators and immediately takes the necessary actions when any parameter deviates from a given norm.
  • Iris scan-based identity authenticators. This system is widely used in a wide variety of industries, including banking, medical, automotive, etc.

We deliberately do not delve into the narrower areas of application of Internet of Things devices, such as medicine, banking, etc. The purpose of our article is to give an idea of ​​how relevant and cost-effective the use of IoT solutions is in literally any business area.

Of course, an essential factor in any IoT system is convenient, intuitive control. Therefore, manufacturers need to be sure that all about the UX interface is carefully checked and verified by competent experts. Thus, outsourced QA testing is a vital issue in any conversation about the Internet of Things.

Quality Assurance of the Internet of Things applications and devices

Deep research into the QA processes of the Internet of Things is not the main topic of this article. However, in the context of our conversation, it is important to mention this.

The complexity and a massive variety of individual devices and blocks that make up complex IoT solutions mean carefully checking each element and setting up their seamless interaction.

Therefore, a viable solution to ensure the health of your IoT intelligent network is to contact experienced experts who have proven themselves in the field of outsourced QA testing who can guarantee you the maintenance of an existing network and its expansion as needed.

IoT-based solutions have been working in various business areas for a long time and have proven themselves in the best way. Therefore, if you are not yet using integrated IoT systems in your enterprise, it’s time to think about it right now.

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