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How the YouTube Algorithm Works and How You Can Use It To Your Benefit.

Discover how the YouTube algorithm works and what you can do to increase your views. 

Knowing how the YouTube algorithm works and taking advantage of it is among the main challenges for people looking to promote and expand their business. Like other platforms, YouTube uses lines of code responsible for content verification, platform optimization, and implementation of improvements.

The purpose of the algorithm is always to give all users a unique experience and show issues related to what they already consume, to increase the time spent inside the application. 

But why invest time and money on YouTube? YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and the second most used search engine, second only to Google. The video platform emerged in 2005 and currently has over 1.9 billion active users.  In other words, a third of the Internet is there and your business needs to be there too.

Now that you know the importance of social networking, understand how the YouTube algorithm works!

How the YouTube Algorithm Works

Obviously, YouTube does not disclose the requirements and rules of its algorithm, but in recent years, it has shown a lot of transparency in this regard, and it was possible to identify some factors that indicate  how the YouTube algorithm works.  Check out what they are: 

Number of views 

The number of views of a video is one of the main metrics of how the YouTube algorithm works. The more people who watch, like, comment, and share your content, the more relevance it will have on the platform.

The videos with the most views on YouTube within the country go to the “on high” videos tab. On this page,  no matter what type of content the user consumes,  the videos shown will always be the same for everyone who accesses it. 

Viewing time

This factor is different from the number of views. It takes into account the time the user has seen your video. If the video is watched until the end, YouTube understands that this is quality content and is worth showing to other users.


YouTube’s algorithm tends to give preference to channels that post videos frequently. After all, the last thing the platform wants is to promote channels that don’t contribute to users spending more time there. 

SEO optimized 

Like Google, YouTube is a search tool that uses keywords to rank videos. But, unlike Google, which interprets your texts, YouTube’s algorithm can’t interpret your videos and works essentially by characters. 

Therefore, an  in-depth study of keywords  is necessary, and this must be present in the file name, in the video title, in the description, in the tags, and in all possible places. 

For greater relevance on your channel

After understanding a little how the YouTube algorithm works, the next step is to use it to your advantage and increase your views. Check out some tips now on how to increase your channel’s relevance on the platform!

Pay attention to the length of the video

There is no rule for optimal video timing.  That depends on your content and how long it takes you to deliver the message effectively. However, you must pay attention and make sure that your content is relevant from start to finish, that there aren’t too many side issues or anything else that might distract the user.

That’s why good editing is essential. To keep the viewer trapped and interested in the video. 

Be true to what you promise

YouTube’s algorithm penalizes channels that use clickbait. That is videos that promise something in their thumbnail and title but don’t deliver what they promised.

But how does the algorithm know whether or not your video contains clickbait? The previously mentioned number of dislikes, comments, and viewing time is an important metric to know how the YouTube algorithm works, although you can  buy YouTube comments,  views, and subscribers as well.

Make creative thumbnails!

A thumbnail is the thumbnail photo that appears to the user before accessing the video. It’s like your video’s calling card. Therefore, it must have a good quality, with a photo and phrase that arouse curiosity. 

Much of human communication is done through facial expressions. So, bet on using your own face in the thumbnail, with very striking and different expressions!

Encourage sharing

Of course, the main stimulus for sharing is quality content but always remind your audience, at the end of the video, to like, comment and share. These words can trigger an urge to perform these actions. Just be careful and be careful not to overdo the insistence and get repetitive. 


A year ago, YouTube added a new feature called “Cards,” which is intended to replace annotations to make interactivity even easier and thus  increase engagement.  Cards are used as calls to action and can “tell your viewers about other videos, playlists, websites, and more.” 

There are six types you can use:

  • Merchandise, 
  • Fundraising, 
  • Video, 
  • Playlist, 
  • Affiliate Website, 
  • and Fan Funding.


There are a variety of factors to consider for your channel’s growth and you have a strong ally to help you produce videos, understand which videos have the most public acceptance and how you can continue to engage your users.

YouTube Analytics offers a comprehensive set of analytics to help you measure how well your videos are doing, and where you can improve.

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