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How to Ask a Question with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to reveal the unknown. You may be surprised to hear this, but anyone can read tarot without any mystical powers needed! All you need is acquired knowledge and experience which comes from practicing over time- no enlightenment necessary whatsoever! The power of these readings lies not in what’s being interpreted on your behalf as a reader but instead lies solely with those reading them. Now you can easily go with online tarot card reading anytime so preparing your question is important.

How Does the Tarot Work?

The Tarot is an ancient form of fortune telling utilizing poker-like cards. There are many different decks to choose from, each with their own unique imagery and symbols on the face or backside which can be used for various purposes such as foretelling future events or reading somebody’s personality type through astrology signs.  Though essentially considered Unsavory by most people today due its inception during Europe’s Dark Ages when educated women were discouraged from studying religion so they could subdue intellectual curiosity – Monty Pythons “The Holy Grail” poked fun at this practice stating that men would use these Victorian era tools simply just out of boredom instead.

Finding Open-Ended Questions

  1. Remember to start your questions with the word “how, where, why” because they are open-ended inquiry that can lead you into more complex territory. How do I make this situation better? What are some alternatives for solving my problem? Where do we go from here or Why did this happen in such a way?”
  2. When you ask a question with “should” or ‘when’ in it, the tarot cards won’t be able to help because they take away our power to make decisions. Similarly, will and should questions also do this same thing- leaving us without any answers from life’s complexities! Avoid these kinds of phrases when asking for guidance on what path is right; instead say something more straightforward such as How Do I Know This Is My Path?
  3. Ask a general question like “Where am I heading on my current path?” or even more specifically what energies are surrounding me right now?

The best way to use these awesome tools is by getting insight into the things that matter most; whether it’s asking one big universal query like “What do want out of this situation/relationship etc.?”or breaking down smaller aspects such as ‘How might this affect my ability achieve success’.

  1. The best tarot questions are phrased in a way to help you get guidance or direction on your concerns. Don’t expect the cards to tell you what action is necessary for them not hold all of responsibility, but they can offer some insight into which course might be right choice.

Getting to the Root of an Issue

  1. The tarot is a way to access your thoughts and feelings. What do you need? Your personal questions should always come first, but consider how everyone will feel about the outcome if it’s bad news or good-news story. Tarot readers have been known for relaying messages of hope from cards.
  2. Find a question about benefits or drawbacks. You may need help making an important decision and asking more about potential risks can also give you greater insight into your options, just like how writing down pros and cons might be helpful when deciding on something big in life.
  3. When you’re feeling down and stressed, take the time to look for ways that can improve your life. Spend an hour or two each day thinking of all these possibilities so by next week – depending on how proactive/creative someone is- they might have found something worth improving themselves


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