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How to Find the Best Casino for Australian Players ?

Statistics show that Australians spend lots of time gambling. It was recorded that they spent more time on this activity per capita than those living in other developed nations. Every year, the average is up to $1,200. Meanwhile, $1,020 of that goes towards slot machines and casinos.

The gambling industry here contributes about 12 percent of the state budget revenues (states vary) of taxation.

Today, punters have access to a plethora of online gambling sites. However, many Australian players need help finding a safe and secure place to play. How do online casinos in Australia work? What are the laws governing them? How can Australian players find the best casino platforms? That’s what this article will break down. Keep reading.

How Online Casinos Work in Australia

In Australia, there are several sites with safe and secure software to gamble with real money. Many of them use some of the most sophisticated technology out there. Your deposits and withdrawals are simple. The process is simple.

To play, you need to first sign up. There are free games and slots available to help you test the waters. Just make your selection. You can use your real money to play for real wins once you’ve found a suitable game. Also, withdrawing your money is straightforward.

Online Gambling Laws in Australia

From a player’s perspective, the Australian laws relating to online gambling are clear and straightforward. Yes, there aren’t laws about your ability to make bets online. The mere act of gambling is not a crime. The criminal code doesn’t address it. The same is so for sports or playing poker.

The only main concern Australian punters/gamblers have found a safe platform to play. Yes, there are loads of websites out there that accept AUD deposits, as well as Aussies across the globe. Not to mention, the best way to go about it is to do some research. Also, focus on the largest brands in this industry. Pay attention to the following:

Prohibition of in-play betting 

During the period of the event, in-play betting allows you to bet on sports. For instance, you may be watching a soccer match on live TV and at the same time, you can place short-term wagers when the game is still on.

In Australia, this is prohibited. Online sportsbooks here don’t allow in-play bets. At any offshore sportsbook, you may still get your fix. If you use websites elsewhere, then you are not beholden to this law. There are options for Australian players to use the in-play feature.

Offshore gambling sites

According to rules by the IGA, matters outside Australia have the following:

The act prohibited offshore gambling websites from accepting Australian customers. However, this legislation has no teeth. To date, lots of websites across the world openly take Aussies without any consequences. Sure, a few politicians have occasionally threatened to shut down online gambling in the country. There hasn’t been any action regarding that.

A player can contrast the condition in Australia with what’s in the US. Look at the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) enacted in the United States in 2006. The United States, just like Australia, had longstanding laws relating to online gambling – the introduction of UIGEA made it more flexible.

In the US, the UIGEA was focused on the banking industry. It’s illegal for financial institutions to handle transactions to or from any gambling websites willingly. It contributes to the reduction of internet gambling in the country. It made it difficult for punters to fund their accounts or efficiently process withdrawals. On the other hand, there is no such provision in Australia. Here, it’s effortless for Australians to deposit and withdraw via offshore operators.

How to Pick the Right Casino Websites for Aussies

To have the thrill of gambling from any location, online casinos are swiftly gaining popularity. That’s the choice for lots of people. There are loads of options today when it comes to platforms to pick from. It can be challenging to choose the right one for you, especially if you are an Australian player.

Fortunately, a few crucial features will help you pick the right platform for you. These enable you to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones.

Below are a few things you should pay attention to:

Licensed casinos are the best 

When choosing an online casino website to play at as an Aussie, you must deal with one licensed by the proper authorities. Make sure it’s registered according to the laws of the nation it operates from.

Governments offer licenses to tax gamblers. Therefore, the jurisdiction ensures that every casino has it before it can operate across the globe. If you need high-quality services, then choose an online casino platform that is registered and licensed.

Check the bonus package(s)

A lot of online casinos offer several perks to draw in more customers. These perks include free spins, welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, and promotional offers.

Yes, you must get the most out of these offers and bonuses. These can be acts of generosity by some online casinos. To some, it can be a trick. Fine, there is competition in this industry. The bonuses are designed to lure customers away from rivals.

However, if the bonuses are too good to be true, leave the such platform. Or make more inquiries about them.

Read customers’ reviews

Yes, reputation is everything. One effective way to know the reputation of an online casino platform is to read reviews from its previous players. It is an essential step if you want a big win as an Australian player. Read reviews about the site you choose to play at.

Most importantly, pay more attention to winning withdrawals. There shouldn’t be too many complaints about withdrawals. A reliable online casino will pay its customers when needed, without stress.

Read as many reviews as you eye can find about the casino site. Take your time. Learn their pros and cons. Then pick based on your discovery.

Multiple free games

First of all, a reputable online casino will have multiple games for its clients. Also, there are loads of free games. You must first be able to play any game in demo mode. Also, you only stake your real money when you fully understand the game.

Again, pay attention to the quality of the games available on the platform. Only deposit your money to play games of good quality. You want to be able to win big, too. Go for games that you stake low and have the chance to win big. You don’t need to deposit a large amount of cash. Game varieties and low deposits are vital.

For instance, you should be able to before your gaming adventure with a 5AUD deposit. There are also no-deposit gambling sites you may explore.

Flexible payment options

The payment options are available at an online casino website you want to play at must be convenient for you. If you are playing for real money, then you need to register for an account. Then you will have to make a deposit. How you deposit is essential. Therefore, before you proceed with the registration, examine the banking options available.

The most commonly used banking options available at most internet casinos include e-wallets, bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and prepayment cards. The more banking options available, the better. It also attracts more players across the globe.


Playing different games at a reliable online casino is very fun. You won’t only have fun but also make real money. As an Australian player, you need to understand that few laws may prohibit you from signing up for some online casinos. However, many platforms will allow you. Finally, to play the best games in Australia, visit online-casino-australian.com and learn more.


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