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How to make your song sound professional?

In order to achieve a professional sound in your songs, you need to either be a professional or work like a professional. If you are not completely confident in your abilities, then you should better contact specialists in this industry who work in the studio and have been engaged in online mixing and mastering services for more than a year. Why is this necessary? In order to achieve high results, sometimes you need to make great efforts, not only for yourself, but also for people who can help you make your track different from others.

If you want your songs to sound the same as those of popular artists on the music scene, the first thing you will need to do is turn to the services of a producer. You can find a producer in local places, such as recording studios, or use the Internet to go to the Sound Better platform (or another freelance platform), where you can listen to the final works of the producer before choosing him. Depending on how well the arrangement is made and the sounds are selected, the whole result will depend on it in principle. You need to approach the choice of a producer responsibly so that he works in your style, has a decent portfolio. When sending your demo version of a song to the producer, you need to write about your wishes, attach references of similar-sounding songs, it will be enough to attach five songs so that the producer understands what style you want to have in your song. Do not be shy about your wishes and requests to work on your song. The main task is to make it exactly what you imagine it to be, and to achieve this, remove your shyness and write about everything you expect from the final version.

After the producer finishes working on the arrangement and gives you a multi-track arrangement and a small mix in order to record the vocals, the next stage begins. In order for your vocal part to sound good, you should use high-quality equipment and a responsible approach to recording a song. If you find flaws in your music, learn how to fix them right away. This will save you money and time in the future. Of course, there are many recording studios in the modern world that can help you with recording vocals, however, you need to approach their choice with great responsibility so that later your recording does not sound like you made it in a room with terrible extraneous sounds.Contacting professionals will help you get to know the music industry better from the inside and make new friends in this industry. Online mixing and mastering engineers will work on adding effects and balances, so the demo version of your track should sound good and without unnecessary effects. When working on vocals, you should listen to it with automatic tuning during and after recording. This is necessary in order to find those fragments that do not suit you and overwrite them. Without doing this at this stage, with online mixing and mastering, it will be almost impossible to fix it.

After you finish working on your track and you have the multi-track arrangements and vocals ready, the next step will be sending your future track to online mixing and mastering services. Contacting professional engineers will be a great step for those who are beginning musicians. As for the arranger, it will be good for online mixing and mastering engineers if you write down your wishes about how the track should sound. We describe the references that were used when working with the future track, what kind of sound you like, what the sound density should be. After all, these processes are needed for the future track so that there is no “computer effect” in it, and the track sounds dynamically and qualitatively. Creating music is a creative activity where the main task is not the pursuit of an ideal, but the creation of quality, which is what young musicians are helped by online mixing and mastering engineers. They work very carefully, making only minor changes.

After the work done by the masters of online mixing and mastering, making adjustments, improving the track as a whole, then at the final stage you will receive a track that will be appreciated, and in the future it can be taken on rotation, nominated for music awards and sound in the headphones of every second person.


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