How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

Do you groan every time your boss announces another weekend golf outing? Do you sigh every time you have to attend another boring trade show or seminar?

These are some of the most common types of corporate events, but let’s face it — they’re not exactly thrilling (or memorable).

How can you create a corporate event schedule that people will actually get excited about? Here are some important factors to consider with your event planner or management team.

Define Your Goals

It’s not enough to host a corporate event to “build brand awareness” or “boost employee morale.” You have to dig deeper than that.

First of all, are you hosting an internal staff event? Your main objective could be to motivate your sales team, celebrate a successful project, or entertain company executives.

If it’s an external event, are you hoping to create excitement for a new product or initiative? Maybe your goal is to attract media attention or change customers’ perceptions of your brand.

Discuss this at length with your events team until you get to the essence of your corporate event.

Think Outside the Box

Unless you own a golf supply company, do everyone a favor — think outside the traditional golf outing or trade show.

A memorable corporate event will take attendees out of their everyday routine and maybe even outside of their comfort zone. Some original ideas for corporate events might include:

  • A Segway tour of your city
  • A food-eating competition
  • A board game or poker tournament
  • A murder mystery night
  • A horseback riding excursion
  • A brewery or distillery tour
  • A weekend retreat at a luxury spa
  • Snorkeling, zorbing, or sky diving

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the activity you choose is safe and appropriate for everyone attending. But in general, the more original the idea, the more memorable it will be.

As emphasized at, it’s up to you to develop plans that will motivate and energize your team.

Branding & Marketing

Now that you’ve chosen the type of event you want to host, think about the vibe and the atmosphere you want to create.

For starters, what are you going to call your event? If you’re hosting a music event near Halloween, you could call it the “Uncanny Hootenanny.” If you’re doing a decade-themed event, you might consider “Razzle Dazzle” for the 1920s or “Nifty Fifties” for the 1950s.

With your event name in mind, it’s time to consider how you’ll brand and market the event. Can you come up with an original tagline and hashtag? Can you launch a dedicated event website and spread the word via social media ads?

Host an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Event planning can be a challenge, especially in a corporate setting.

How can you ensure your attendees are wowed by their experience? Use the tips above to plan a corporate event they’ll be talking about for years to come!

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