How to play live casino games in Australia

After slot machines, live casino games are the next popular type of online entertainment. When clients get tired of playing with a computer program, they want to diversify entertainment on gambling sites and switch to games with real dealers.

Live casino in Australia allows players to immerse themselves in an atmosphere similar to visiting a land-based casino. However, for this, the user does not need to go anywhere. All that remains is to visit your favorite gaming website.

What do you need to play with real dealers?

All good gambling sites in Australia offer live casino games to their customers, as experts from fancasinos.com have noticed. Players can join the online table with the dealer and other clients for entertainment such as live roulette, casino hold ’em, baccarat, and blackjack.

Live casinos are popular with socializing fans. During the game, you can maintain a friendly dialogue with the dealer in the chat, joke, and ask all sorts of questions. In a live dealer casino, customers get everything in one thing: the opportunity to show their gaming strategies, count on a good win and also have a conversation with a pleasant dealer, whom you can choose yourself.

To start playing at a live casino you will need:

  • good internet connection, that will not let you down at the most crucial moment;
  • a registered profile in a live casino in Australia;
  • a replenished gaming account for making bets (unfortunately, you will not be able to play for free in a live casino).

Select the game you want to join, check the minimum bets and the croupier who leads the fun and join the appropriate table.

Live casino games and their rules

Modern live dealer casinos offer many creative options for live games: Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Lightning Roulette, three-card poker. However, the most popular are the classic games.

Live Roulette

As in a real casino, players place bets on the number, where the ball will stop after the end of the reel spinning, on a combination of numbers, on a black or red cell color, or an even, odd number.

Roulettes are American, European, as well as more unusual options like Immersive or Dual Play.


In this card game, players need to score more points than their opponent with only two or three cards in their hands. The game round in a live dealer casino lasts 48 seconds, at the end of which the winner is determined. There is a variation of speed baccarat, in which a round lasts 27 seconds.


The player must beat the dealer by the number of cards in his hand not exceeding 21 points. If the client collects more than 21, he loses, and his entire bet goes to the casino. If the player immediately gets 21 (ace and 10), he gets a win 1.5 times his stake.

Customers of a live casino in Australia can opt for blackjack with rates of a few cents or more expensive options.


Unlike Texas Hold’em, in Casino Hold’em you only play against the dealer and not other players. A simple variation of the classic poker game, in which you have to make the most successful combination of 5 cards.

Clients can join the table at a live casino in Australia with minimum stakes, while high rollers select $10 bets or even bigger (if the casino offers one).

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