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How To Read Any Tarot Card Intuitively In 3 Minute

Tarot reading is an intuitive process that can help you gain insights into your current situation and what the future may hold. While it can take time to develop your intuition, you can start reading tarot card reading using this quick and easy method. In just three minutes, you’ll be able to interpret any tarot card without relying on books or other resources. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do just that following some easy steps.

Let’s get started.

Remove The Jokers and Other Cards You Don’t Need

You will not need the jokers or any other cards in your deck except for the major arcana cards. If your deck contains jokers, you can just remove them from your deck by putting them aside or taking out their pair. It’s okay to have some empty space in your tarot spread when doing a three-card reading; we’ll explain more about this below.

How To Do a Quick Tarot Reading

The following steps will teach you how to read any tarot card in just three minutes.

  1. Shuffle Your Deck of Tarot Cards

Shuffling your tarot deck is the process of mixing up the cards in your deck. You can do this by mixing the cards in your hands or just taking your deck and moving it around in a figure eight shape, mixing the cards in the process.

  1. Pull Three Cards from Your Deck and Line Them Up In A Row

Once your tarot deck is nicely shuffled, you can now start selecting your three cards from it. You’ll need to find a nice spot with enough space for you to work with — anywhere would do as long as it’s flat and you won’t find any obstacles while doing this. Once you’ve found your spot, line up the three cards in a row like how you see them in the picture above (Major Arcana card followed by Minor Arcana card).

  1. Interpret Your First Card by Simply Looking at It

Interpreting cards is all about using your intuition to guide you. Remember that the tarot deck represents your consciousness — this is why it’s important that you shuffle it before using it for reading.

To interpret your first card, all you need to do is simply take a look at it. Close your eyes and think about what the card means according to its images. Your interpretation doesn’t need to be perfect; you can always change it later on by pulling out another card and doing the reading again.

  1. Look at The Next Card and Repeat Step 3

The next thing that we’re going to do is analyze our second card. You’ll notice that there’s already a description for this card at the bottom, but remember that you can always change this interpretation if it doesn’t seem quite right.

  1. Repeat Step 4 With the Last Card Until You Get a Clear Interpretation

The final step is to interpret your third and last card. Once all three cards have been interpreted, take a moment to compare all of the descriptions for all three cards by reading them one by one from left to right.

In the end, you’ll be able to derive a clear interpretation of all three cards. In most cases, this is usually quite accurate and will give you a good idea of what’s currently going on in your life as well as what may happen in the future.

With enough practice, you can do a quick reading like this in just two minutes or even less. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to do readings with your deck at least twice a day.


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