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How To Use A Dab Rig In 6 Steps

The use of dab rigs is growing in popularity among cannabis consumers. They’re great options during social gatherings as they’re more hygienic than other weed concentrate consumption methods. However, if you haven’t yet tried dabbing, you might feel weary and intimidated about dealing with such a device. Looking at it alone makes you ponder what goes where. But don’t fret; this guide is intended to help you learn how to use a dab rig.  

What Is A Dab Rig? 

Dab rigs are similar-looking to small bongs. These are typically made up of equipment used for “dabbing,” which is the act of consuming concentrates. They come in various sizes, but most users prefer small ones for better effect. In a dab rig, the vapor is uniform, and the flavor is superior. Dabbing weed concentrates such as rosin, budder, or wax are all made possible through a dab rig. If you’re looking for ways to quit smoking for good, perhaps dabbing is one effective way to cope.

Basically, it’s not as complicated to use as others expect them to be. A dab of concentrate is rubbed onto a hot nail of the dab rig, resulting in a vapor that has to be cooled. Users inhale as they rest their lips on the dab nail while the melting pot functions as a mouthpiece. Check out the step-by-step guide for you to use a dab rig effectively.

How Do You Use A Dab Rig? 

  • Put Water On The Chamber 

Your dab rig should have a chamber, as you’ll see on sites like drdabber.com,  filled with water at the beginning. You should be able to see bubbles in the water if you blow into the downstem of the dab rig. This method allows you to determine how much water is enough for your dab rig. Once you blow and water hits your mouth, you need to remove some water. 

  • Settle And Secure The Nail Attachment 

You must secure a dab rig’s nail properly to avoid any hazards. Otherwise, you may suffer injuries as pot dabbing poses risks of severe burns. If you burn your finger on a dab rig, your experience will be ruined. Using a dab rig involves high temperatures, so ensure that everything is attached and prepared thoroughly and securely. 

  • Heat And Cool The Nail 

The next step is to heat up your nail. Heat the banger with your torch until it becomes red from the heat. Because you’ll load the concentrate on the outside and bottom areas, it’s best to use your blowtorch and focus on those parts. This process can be bypassed if you’re using an electric nail. But for conventional ones, you’ll have to heat the nail for, at least, half a minute to achieve the desired temperature.

When the nail is hot enough, you can let it cool for a short while. If you’ve heated the nail for half a minute, you need to let it cool down for a full minute. The key is to let it cool yet stay hot enough to melt the concentrate. The right temperature won’t burn or scorch the concentrate. If unsure of the time, you can always use a terp timer or your phone to strictly time the heating and cooling process.  

  • Season The Dab Rig Nail 

Finally, you can now put the concentrate on the nail’s surface. You can do this by using a dabber. A dabber is a device that helps you transport the concentrate from its original placement right into the nail. You can then slowly inhale the vapor. Remember that the inhaling process takes longer and slower in dabbing than in typical bongs. This is because the concentrates need more time to vaporize.

  • Cover And Inhale 

To cover up the vapor, use the carb cab. If you’re a beginner, inhale it slowly. Before starting the inhaling process, keep in mind that the temperature can make you cough as it’s too high. It’s best to let it cool enough for you to inhale more comfortably. As the concentrate melts, vapor will fill the glass. 

When the downstem releases the herb, inhale it. As you continue to inhale, the vapor in the chamber of the dab rig should disappear. 

The effects should develop after a few seconds. But this will depend on the kind of herb you use. You can continue and repeat the process if the vapor is gone and you want to add concentrates. However, ensure the volume is right and good enough for you and your condition. 

  • Clean The Nail After 

After the process, it’s time to clean your dab rig. Keeping your nails clean will prevent residue from possibly altering the taste of your weed. Once it has cooled down, it’s advisable to wipe clean the surface and the bottom part of your nail with a tissue or cotton swab. You can also apply alcohol on the surface to ensure no residues are left. 


You may be intimidated by the dab rigs’ many components, but there’s no need. You can now picture and understand how easy dab rigs work with the step-by-step guide above. As long as you follow the steps, there’s no chance anything will be amiss. A dab rig is excellent for you, even as a beginner, if you want to enjoy that powerful flavor of your concentrate.    


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