How You Can Make Your Special Carnival or Funfair Event More Interesting and Engaging

The kind of event you are having for a party, celebration, anniversary, or fundraiser can make an impact, and if you’ve set your mind on a carnival or fairground affair, you’re sure to wow your attendees. It’s also more straightforward to plan than most other events because the rides and games will already serve as your main attractions. But if you would like to go the extra mile and delight your guests completely, here’s how you can make your unique carnival or funfair event more exciting and engaging.

  • The welcome

As soon your guests and attendees enter the gates, they will already have an impression of your event – and the more enticing their welcome, the better. The way you welcome your guests will set the mood and tone, and you wouldn’t want them to be standing in line in the cold or searing heat whilst you check their invitations or scan their tickets manually. If you’re going to make them comfortable as soon as they arrive, invest in an app that can scan each ticket’s QR code so your guests can check in more quickly.

  • The lighting and AV equipment

Most venues will already offer standard equipment, but you may want to consider hiring extra AV equipment and lighting. The sound system can contribute significantly to the festivities, and you would want to make sure that your PR system is heard throughout the venue. But the lighting can make an impact, too – you could invest in a lighting show, and it’s sure to charge the atmosphere and create a great vibe that makes your carnival event all the more fabulous and unforgettable.

  • The entertainment

Of course, your guests and attendees will already have a lot of fun with your rides, game stalls, and so on, particularly if you rely on an expert provider of rides and booths such as But you can bring your event to the next level with the addition of entertainers – from magicians and balloon makers to face painters, tarot card readers or fortune tellers, tattoo artists, clowns, mimes, and film or cartoon characters. Of course, you’re only limited by your budget and imagination, but make sure your entertainers suit your event’s theme.

  • Photo booths

Most everyone likes commemorating a special occasion with photos, and your attendees are sure to love a photo booth or two. You can set it up and include props and costumes such as giant sunglasses, colourful feather boas, fake noses – you get the drift? Your guests can then take memorable photos with each other, and it’s a great way to promote your event because they can share those photos on social media (make a hashtag for your event and prominently display it at the photo booth for everyone to see). You can even go further and encourage your attendees to share their photos on your events page or wall.

  • A costume competition

Another great way you can amplify your carnival event is by holding a costume competition. It can create more buzz, and you can give prizes to the best-dressed participants. There is nothing sadder than having a dress code that nobody follows, so you can motivate them to dress up by giving them excellent prizes, such as a day at a spa, a weekend break, or shop gift cards.


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