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Interesting Things You Should Know About the Premier League

The premier league is fast approaching, and as you would imagine, fans are excited. Everyone has unique hopes for the season; while some may be looking forward to seeing a perceived big team underperform, others have renewed hope of their beloved underdogs winning. There is always something to look forward to.

Some people are analyzing predictions made by experts to establish how they can incorporate them into their betting strategies on platforms like Ripper Casino. This has been a recurrent experience for football fans, as Premier League has been around for nearly three decades.

Here is what you need to know about high-tier English football.

  1. It is the Most Watched League

The Premier League tops the list of the most watched leagues in the world. Between 2019 and 2020, over 3 billion viewers watched Premier League matches worldwide. Thanks to Premier League broadcast partners, viewership is demonstrated to over 878 million homes globally.

It receives the most coverage and global television audience of all the leagues. Premier League-related audiences have also been growing as fans and analysis experts create user-generated content to provide viewers with drama and more Premier League action.

In 2020, over 500,000 people traveled to the UK to catch Premier League matches despite Covid-19-related restrictions. The popularity and success of the Premier League contribute billions of Euros to the UK economy. Renowned players and managers have played a significant role in the league’s success. The success has, in extension, made it possible for the Premier League to invest and support the partnering communities and competition.

  1. Ryan Giggs has The Most Premier League Medals

Few players have managed to grab the attention and impress fans like Ryan Giggs did. Ryan was the most renowned winger at the time. Ryan Giggs has made remarkable achievements in football’s history, among them being the first player to bag PFA Young Player of the Year awards consecutively. That was in 1992 and 1993.

It is worth noting that Ryan Giggs is the only player who has played in the Premier League in all of the 21 seasons of his football career. He has the most Premier League medals, totaling 13, and all earned when playing for Manchester United.

The player made his first appearance in Manchester United in 1991, and by 1992, he had become a regular on Manchester United’s first team; this paved the way for his successes in the Premier League.

  1. Manchester United Has Won the Most Premier League Titles

In the Premier League era, there have only been seven winners of the Premier League, and Manchester United boasts 13 titles. Sir Alex Ferguson’s managerial career proved legendary owing to the club’s titles before retirement and its Premier League dominance.

Worth noting is that not only does Manchester United have the most Premier League titles, but they were also the first champions of the Premier League in the 1992-1993 season.

  1. All but Six Teams Have Never Been Relegated from The Premier League

There are many things that football fans take pride in their club’s history. A good example is having legendary players on their teams and the titles they have won. Another badge of honor that fans love to carry is when their teams have never been relegated from the league.

So far, only six teams, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Everton, have never been relegated. If you are wondering why clubs and fans take pride in this, it is because it comes with perceived pedigree. With so many clubs in England, it is certainly an achievement if a club can maintain its position for participation in the top-tier league.

Relegated teams are transferred across divisions based on their performance in the seasons. For instance, the highest-ranked teams in the lower divisions are promoted to the upper division. In contrast, the lowest-ranked teams in the upper divisions are relegated to the divisions below.

Teams are relegated from the Premier League when they are among the last three finishers in the league at the end of a season.

Clubs are keen on avoiding relegation for several reasons, including financial reasons. Relegated teams are often devasted financially, and it is estimated they lose up to £25 million in the following season after relegation. The financial constraints are due to the loss of television revenue.

Note that financial loss is not the only thing that teams lose when they are relegated. They often end up losing their best players. The relegated teams may sell the players to different teams to reduce the amount of money they spend on revenue. The players could also withdraw from playing for the teams.

  1. Alan Shearer Has Scored the Most Goals in The Premier League

Alan Shearer is one of the best goal-scoring players of all time. While several stars have earned goal-scoring records, Alan Shearer carries the day. He maintained impressive consistency; he scored 260 goals in the Premier League, with Wayne Rooney coming second with 208 goals.


From the Premier League facts above, you may have noticed that players have demonstrated a lot of prowess and unique strength in the history of the Premier League. This has contributed significantly to the success of the league. It is currently the richest league in football and with the highest growth in TV audience and revenue.


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