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Is iGaming Growing Globally in 2022

The thing about the iGaming industry is that it has been growing constantly since its inception. The Internet provides a large client area for casino operators and as such, they have a lot of work to do to keep their players satisfied.

Any casino be it a real money casino for Australians, Americans, or Brits will have lots to offer to clients, more so than their land-based counterparts. It’s no surprise that the number of online casino players has grown in the past years because of the convenience of online casinos, and the same can be said for 2022.

Track the Record

The current rise in iGaming can be traced back to its inception and to a certain event in 2020. Its inception was a revolution because casino fans had no idea that they could enjoy their favorite games on the net. The Net was a new thing back in the day and from that moment iGaming grew into the giant it is today.

The event that changed the iGaming industry recently was the pandemic in 2020. It took the world by surprise and necessary precautions were taken. Yes, people couldn’t go out when they wanted and see their friends in person because of lockdowns and restrictions, but this only solidified the role Internet plays in modern society. Most companies moved their operations to the homes of employees and the world of entertainment became digital.

A major part of casino fans turned to online casinos since their favorite casino venues were closed. They discovered a world that offers them a better variety of games and lots of titles and bonuses to choose from. That’s why some of them decided that the shift to online casinos was permanent when the land-based casinos opened their doors again. This is how iGaming got a boost in players in 2020 and 2021, and the same can be said for 2022.

The Current Situation

There’s no doubt that the iGaming industry is growing globally in 2022. It has been doing so for years and there are certain indications that illustrate its growth in 2022. According to statistics, the industry has grown a CAGR of 11.49% in 2022 and will continue to grow in the coming years. Europe remains the biggest market in iGaming because of the friendlier legislation when it comes to playing casino games online.

But there’s a new player on the global scale and that’s the North American market. The numbers show that American players enjoy games like blackjack, baccarat, poker, slots, and live games when they visit an online casino. Mostly, they play online casino games via their desktop or they go for a mobile device instead. There’s also been a growth reported in Asian countries as well as countries in Latin America.


All in all, the iGaming industry is growing more popular around the world in 2022. This trend is likely to keep going which means the industry will have more players in the years to come because it doesn’t ignore tech trends and takes care of its customers.


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