Is MPL real? Can you really earn money by competing in games?

MPL or Mobile Premier League is a competitive gaming platform and growing at a breakneck speed ever since it entered the US market. It is a fun and enjoyable platform where you can download several simple games and earn money. Gamers can select from several categories, like casual games, arcade games, sports games, puzzle games, and card games. The company is continuously adding more game entries to remain relevant and appeal to the US audience.

So, if you are looking to cash in on money-making gaming apps, MPL is the one to watch out for. Let’s take a look at some of the popular games on the app:

Spider Solitaire

The classic Spider Solitaire has made its way to your mobile devices. You can play the Spider Solitaire game by downloading the game from the MPL platform. The game uses two fifty-two deck cards, and each deck contains one, two, or four suits. The number of suits you choose is dependent on the difficulty level. However, MPL makes it easier for you because there is only one suit. Also, the game sessions are short, which makes the classic card game much more competitive and fast-paced.

The game’s primary goal is to create a set of thirteen cards of the same suit, and it must be in ascending order. You need to place the cards from Ace to King. Moreover, it is a race against time. A timer applies, and whichever player finishes the game before the timer runs out is the winner.

So, you need to ensure every move counts. You must not simply pile cards without thinking about what you’ll do next. Also, use the undo button if you find yourself stuck after playing a move.

The Spider Solitaire game on MPL is perfect for beginners as well as experts. Ensure to read all the rules of the game before you start playing.


Bingo is one of the most famous casual games in the US, and MPL has capitalized on the game’s popularity. You can play bingo online on the competitive gaming platform and no longer need to haunt the bingo halls. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can connect with bingo players across the USA.

Since 75-ball bingo is the most famous, you play this game online on the MPL platform. For this variant, 75 numbers are drawn from the pool, and players need to find these numbers on their ticket and daub it.

The online bingo game is played on flashcards, and at the start of every match, players are given virtual bingo cards or tickets. When the game begins, the bingo balls appear, and each of them has a daub bonus timer. Another bingo ball appears when the timer ends. When players are daubing, they need to check the formation, and as soon as they see a pattern formed, they need to press the bingo button.

Playing virtual bingo is even more interesting than traditional bingo because it is timed. Players need to score as much as they can within the specified time. The player with the highest score is the winner. Moreover, there are bonus points if players hit each number instantly as they’re drawn.

At MPL, you can enjoy free practice rounds of bingo to improve your gaming skills and learn the rules. In addition, it will help you in getting a competitive edge when you’re competing against other online players.

Matching Master

If you like puzzle games, you’ll enjoy playing Matching Master on the MPL platform. You need to score points by matching three or more candies. Even though the game is similar to Candy Crush Saga, several fun elements make the game unique. For instance, you can play with other players on the same board, and the players are matched randomly.

There is a timer, and the match ends when the timer hits 100-seconds. The game even ends when a player has played eight moves. To win the game, the player needs to score the highest.

In the game, players get four power and two booster tools. When players match four or more candies, the boosters and special powers are activated. Then, you’ll be able to get more points.

How to earn money by competing in games on MPL?

Earning money by playing games on MPL is easy and fun. First, you need to sign up on the MPL app and start playing your favorite game from their list of 12+ games. Then, you can play for stakes by competing in cash contests and tournaments. You can choose to play in one of two game modes – 1V1 or tournaments.

To earn cash, you need to score the highest and beat your opponent. In some tournaments, you must achieve the highest score on the leaderboard to get the tournament money. The platform offers several payment options: bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Credit/Debit cards. Players can instantly withdraw their winnings, and if there are any issues, 24/7 customer support is available to answer your queries.

As for the legality of earning cash on MPL, it is entirely legal to make money by competing in games. However, you need to check the laws and rules of the US state you are residing in. If the state prohibits earning money by playing games, you can enjoy free games on MPL.

So, do you want to have fun while earning money? If so, head to MPL right away and play your favorite games. If you’re good at it and can beat your opponent, you’ll win lucrative cash rewards and prizes.

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