Jewelry Company Endorses Governor Ron DeSantis

Apples of Gold Jewelry, a Christian and conservative owned online jeweler has come out an openly endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Why does this matter? While the company provides products and services in every U.S. State and even internationally, according to their sales figures, Florida is the top-ranked state for their jewelry items, especially when it comes to solid gold crosses and chain necklaces, which is one of their main staple items.

 “As an ‘America First’ U.S. based company, we highly value our Florida-based customers,” said CEO Afshin Yaghtin. “They are in the top 3 states, including also Texas and New York, among other major states like California, where we provide jewelry and services to our online patrons.” He went on to say that he is especially interested in current Governor DeSantis of Florida as a potential forerunner to the 2024 presidential elections. “My hope is that DeSantis will do well in the primaries against President Trump and take the 2nd position as his VP with a Trump/DeSantis ticket for 2024—and then an eventual run for 2028 and potentially 2032.”

Jewelry Company Endorses Governor Ron DeSantis

 While many corporations are going ‘woke’ and promoting social justice political ideology, in their advertisements, much to the chagrin of conservative patrons, Apples of Gold Jewelry has vowed to never go ‘woke’, but to focus instead on providing the best quality jewelry items, such as men’s gold crosses that are handmade to perfection. Floridians like this company for that reason—not only do they provide a high women’s and mens gold cross, but their commitment to traditional, conservative, Christian values, the sanctity of life, and Biblical marriage, has made them a standout for conservative states like Florida, Texas, North Carolina and others who traditionally are gold jewelry consumers, especially in the men’s and women’s gold crosses market. The small fine jewelry business markets these as not only a gold investment with a high valuation for the future, but as beautiful, aesthetic pendants that can be worn for generations to come. These are not cheap, flimsy, hollow, lightweight mass-produced machined pieces that are a dime a dozen at every trinket store or anything the likes of costume jewelry, but fully solid, individually handmade, 14k, 18k, and 22k solid gold crosses that very few others carry. And with value-based pricing as well as socially conservative values at the core of their company’s mission, Floridians are taking note.

Jewelry Company Endorses Governor Ron DeSantis

 That’s not to say they only sell to Republicans and conservatives. They have as many people on all sides of the political and social spectrum and their mission is to serve all people equally with the same top level customer service and that is a promise that they have kept. Their main mission isn’t to be political evangelists, but rather, to provide quality jewelry that is 30-40% below standard traditional retail. Unlike many companies today, their focus is on the product, the value it brings to the customer and the price, along with personable customer service. has promised, however, never, ever, ever to go “woke”, because as President Trump once said, “Everything woke turns to shit.” (Pardon our American dialectic).


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