Jinko Solar Leads With Insights on Solar Excellence

Jinko Solar continues to rank first in the industry for module shipments, reporting 19.99 gigawatts shipped in its recently released Q1 2024 financial report. With a consistent commitment to community engagement and solar innovation and efficiency, Jinko Solar has become a leading example of industry excellence, providing various insights into the drivers of success in such a competitive market.

Here’s a closer look at how the company has maintained its bright market outlook throughout its years of operation.

Innovations in N-type Sustainability and Efficiency

With a vision of becoming the most trusted supplier of solar panels in the United States, Jinko Solar has developed a paradigm of solar sustainability and efficiency and places a strong emphasis on research and development into its N-type TOPCon products.

The company has invested $50 million into a dedicated research and development center in Penang, Malaysia, which continues to assist in groundbreaking advancements in technology. To date, Jinko Solar has set the record for solar conversion efficiency 22 times. Its flagship N-type cells currently boast 26.89% efficiency, thanks to 330 separate patents.

“We will continue to invest in R&D innovation and mass production capabilities, and to accelerate the pace of industry upgrading for advanced N-type products. We are confident to provide better returns to our customers with our cutting-edge technology and reliable supply chain,” said Hao Jin, Ph.D., Jinko Solar’s chief technology officer, in a press release regarding the company’s meticulous commitment to N-type innovation.

Jinko Solar has also been integral in furthering the industry’s sustainable standards with its environmentally conscious operations and energy solutions. The company has pledged to reach 100% renewable powered operations by 2028 and has already already reduced its CO2 emissions by 32,800 tons. Jinko Solar also recently unveiled its N-type TOPCon Neo Green panels that are sustainably manufactured in three facilities that have been certified “zero carbon” by TÜV Rheinland.

Jinko is the first solar manufacturer to have zero-carbon-certified factories, and these panels represent a major step forward for the solar industry and further represent the company’s unwavering dedication to industry innovation.

“We are extremely proud to be able to release our first Neo Green modules, representing tangible evidence of our commitment to sustainability,” Dany Qian, Jinko Solar’s vice president, commented. “Our biggest impact on the environment will always come from providing customers with sustainable products and solutions which reflect the shared values of our customers, partners and investors.”

Powering Global Projects 

With a mission of expanding the global energy portfolio and enabling a sustainable future, Jinko Solar is constantly contributing to transformative solar projects around the world. The company recently announced that it has delivered more than 1.1 million of its Tiger Neo modules to power Germany’s Witznitz Solar Park project — a newly developed gargantuan solar farm near Leipzig that is considered the largest in Europe, providing 0.6 terawatt hours of electricity per year.

“Rapidly expanding green energy production in Germany and Europe is the only way forward to sustainably increase electricity supply and to lower carbon emissions,” Frank Niendorf, general manager of Jinko Solar Europe, said. “That’s why Jinko Solar is proud to deliver more than 1.1 million TOPCon Tiger Neo modules to this milestone project. The Witznitz Solar Park has already become a benchmark for renewable energy as one of the largest projects ever built in Germany and Europe using TOPCon modules.”

Focusing on Social Responsibility and Community Engagement 

In addition to powering global projects and leading the solar market in efficiency and sustainable innovation, Jinko Solar has maintained its success by becoming a pillar in the community. As the company continues to transform lives around the world with clean energy and electricity savings, it has made social responsibility and community engagement a key pillar of its operations to ensure these benefits are as widespread as possible.

The company maintains a variety of philanthropic relationships with impactful organizations like Twende Solar, GRID Alternatives, and Everybody Solar, and has donated hundreds of modules to valuable causes like powering homeless shelters, Native American tribal lands, and local museums.

As a member of the community, Jinko Solar also ensures the full traceability and life cycle management of its products to guarantee transparency and environmentally conscious operations. To further improve the traceability of its worldwide operations, the company is currently constructing a 56 gigawatt vertically integrated zero-carbon factory with the capacity to manufacture nearly every part of an N-type solar panel, from the ingot to the wafer, cell, and module.

For its commitment to the environment and social responsibility, Jinko Solar was awarded the community-voted Solar Power World 2023 Leadership in Solar Energy Award, exemplifying the public’s recognition of its aim for excellence.

“JinkoSolar is a leader in many areas, including technology, R&D, and ESG,” said Nigel Cockroft, general manager of Jinko Solar (U.S.). “We believe this award further reflects our industry leading local service and support to our U.S. customers. We are proud to receive this award from Solar Power World and look forward to maintaining our leadership in the U.S. solar industry in the years to come.”

A Shining Beacon of Solar Excellence

In an industry facing major competition and downturns, Jinko Solar’s consistent success is a testament to its focus on efficiency, sustainable innovation, and social responsibility. As the company’s first-quarter financial results show its N-type modules accounting for nearly 80% of all shipments globally, it’s clear that customers are paying attention to Jinko as an industry leader dedicated to striving for excellence.

With the company well on its path toward fully renewable operations by 2028 and carbon-neutral operations by 2050, there’s no telling where its future innovations may take the industry.

As Jinko Solar’s Hao Jin puts it, “The pressing need to reduce carbon emissions calls for faster technological development and greater accessibility to new technologies in the Solar [photovoltaic] industry. At JinkoSolar, we want to help other market players and our clients to identify opportunities for developing new technologies and products that can help them to navigate the complex landscape technology mapping.”

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