Leaning Dryer Vent; a Key to a Safer and Cleaner Home

The efficiency of a dryer can be enhanced by cleaning dryer vents occasionally. The dirt and lint clog the vent from removing the warm air released to the outside causing the machine to overheat. Some of the observations you might make that show that your dryer needs cleaning could be; clothes taking longer to dry, overheating of the dryer, burnt smells on your clothes, and a warm room after drying your clothes.

Leaning Dryer Vent; a Key to a Safer and Cleaner Home

Cleaning the vent does not just involve the removal of dirt but also doing checkups on the vent for any damages that could need repairs before growing bigger. You can decide to DIY dryer vent cleaning or hire a professional to do it for you. If you have decided to do it yourself, here are some steps you should follow when cleaning dryer vent.

  1. Prior inspection of the vent to see if the vent cover is broken. This assists to know if it is the cover that allows dirt to get into the vent and clog it.
  2. Removing the dirt stuck on the exterior parts of the vent. These foreign materials might include leaves, pests, or even animal waste.
  3. Unplug the dryer from the power source and clean the area it stands on, the back of the dyer, and the area around it.
  4. The cleaning of the vent now begins. Lint and any dirt stuck inside the vent are removed using a brush moving it in a clockwise direction.
  5. Clean the lint window for the dryer for clear visibility when it is full. Finally, clean the mess created by the dirt on the flow and then connect the dryer back to its power source.

Cleaning dryer vent depends on several factors such as:

  1. Number of Family Members

The size of your family determines how often the dryer is used and the load put into the dryer at any given time. This also determines how fast the lint accumulates. For instance, if you have a large family, your dryer vent is likely to work often and therefore need regular dryer vent cleaning.

  1. Presence of Pests

When you have a pet, it means that the vent accumulates faster due to the fur that comes off from their skin. If you have pets it means that the dryer vent needs to be cleaned occasionally as it fills faster.

2. How Often Laundry is Done

How many times laundry is done at your home is a major determinant of how the dryer vent clogs. If the laundry is done many times, it equally means that the cleaning dryer vent should be done often.

3. The Cloth Type

The type of clothes dried in the dryer is another factor that determines how often you need to clean your dryer vent. Blankets and sweaters have more lint and if they are often cleaned it means the vent also requires to be cleared of lint. If you do a lot of bulky laundries, it means that your dryer vent equally requires regular dryer vent cleaning to remove the lint.


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