Louisiana’s legal sports betting – a blessing for some and a risk for others

Lousiana‘s sports world will never be the same again. It seems that the States have finally decided to become liberal enough and to offer the citizens to place baseball, tennis, and football bets 100% legally. After voting the local state authorities have decided to make Lousina‘s gambling audience fully capable to participate in the global sports betting industry.

But while the sports betting fans are super happy and excited to visit the first USA-based bookmakers from any district of Louisiana, there‘s a certain group of people that‘s quite concerned about what‘s about to happen. According to the local authorities recently the number of phone calls to the local responsible gambling organization has been increasing dramatically. The states consider this growth of addicted people as a result of the ban removal for the players to register in international bookmakers presented in platforms like Bethap. On such websites, numerous punters receive the chance to place football bets, read stats and consider where to sign up to start their betting career. But the official authorities are certain: when in the 2022nd year sports gambling in Lousiana will become fully legal, the concern as to responsible sports betting will grow.

What to do to avoid appearing at such a risk?

Platforms such as Bethap.com don‘t just point us where to sign up and be secured while gambling. They also give us full guides as to how to place bets. Placing a bet is not only about considering stats, analytics, and live scores. It‘s also about keeping in mind how to remain safe in the gambling sphere. Security is not a bookie‘s obligation only. Actually, players have their own duties to perform to remain safe and away from the risk to be addictive. Here are some guides to know in advance before Lousiana and many other American states will move to the legalized sports betting activity:

  • Always register in secured and reliable bookmakers. Make sure they are licensed in the area where you are a resident.
  • Never provide your login password to anybody. It‘s sensitive and personal information you should keep away from third parties.
  • Establish a solid budget management system. Make sure to have limits regarding when and how much you can afford to bet on different events. Never place a bet you cannot afford because loss is a possible win.
  • You should be always prepared for a loss. It is normal to lose. And it is normal to win. Although relying on your luck is not the best technique to gamble, note that destiny is a kind of a factor, too.
  • If you consider yourself at risk of being addicted to gambling, turn to professional help right away. At the bottom of any sports betting website, there‘s always a mandatory link for Responsible gambling tips and guides. It is essential to meet it no matter how secure you feel right now.

Lousiana is another world destination where sports betting is about to become fully legal. We are happy to see that most parts of the world are now open to this kind of entertainment.

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