Playing CS:GO in Canada: Reasons to Know the Game’s Roles

Teams that understand their weaknesses and strengths have to achieve several qualifications. Aside from knowing maps’ points before starting the round, it is also necessary to be aware of your actions meanwhile. Enthusiasts who are interested in  CSGO 1v1 bets  note that players who neglect their gaming roles during the play are more likely to play.

At the same time, understanding roles in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about distinguishing your unique approach to battles and fights, as well as to teamwork as a whole. If you desire to become a competitive professional player, your focus shouldn’t be limited to tools and weapons only. It is the right moment to check how to maintain discipline in the CS:GO scene. Onwards!

In-Game Leader

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t welcome random actions. Of course, they may be efficient sometimes, but well-thought-out strategies turn out to be more successful from a long-time perspective. If you want to stay maneuverable and know what to do, your actions should be directed alike. That is why each team should choose a leader to organize battles and maintain the squad’s performance and functioning.

It is a responsibility to lead the team, for sure. The assigned gamer should be capable of noticing several details simultaneously and be able to support the right mood among different mates. For people who play together, it is crucial to understand that a sound discipline is a must. If you desire to rotate or to push a site, it is literally forbidden to take actions without command. Naturally, the more experienced you become, the higher your chances to lead your mates to victory are.


There are multiple strategies to implement in your playing style. Thanks to long-range and short-range weapons, enthusiasts can develop their shooting at different distances. Besides, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t about solo leveling. As simple as it can be — some players run in front to defeat their rivals, while others support and defend them.

Usually, support team members are specialized in varied utility solutions. It makes them responsible for discovering grenades’ possible trajectories, as well as finding specific points on the map for such tactics. 

Entry Fragger

During attacks, entry fraggers lead the team. Don’t interpret this role as a reigning one. It is not necessarily that an entry fragger and an in-game leader will be performed by one and the same individual. This person usually prepares the battlefield for other squad members, including gathering information about the enemies and clearing their base locations.

Since they are first, the risks to be hurt are enhanced. That is a pretty fragile and vulnerable position, which requires quick thinking and the ability to adapt fast and qualitatively. Among the most known entry fraggers, there is Nikola Kovac, or simply known as “NiKo”. His playing style is worth monitoring for those enthusiasts who are interested in this role in detail.


If you desire to play dangerous and risky jokes with your opponents, lurkers are the right team power to proceed with. This role requires a person to be active and fast. It is pretty demanding in general knowledge about maps — blank spots will decrease the efficiency dramatically. Aside from intuition and the ability to follow the commands, these gamers have to understand the course of events precisely to be able to reveal themselves in the best moment possible. For those who want to see in practice how lurkers perform, s1mple will guide you through.


These gamers know for sure how to work with different weapons. Their specialization includes tactics with long- and short-range shooting. There are multiple cases when players assigned as AWPers have to use really expensive guns and their alternatives, so the choice is complicated and crucial. kennyS is one of the best personas in maps, who performs this role exclusively gorgeously.

Auxiliary Positions

Of course, Counter-Strike requires fast actions and well-thought-out strategies. There are multiple chances when you have to show off your knowledge from other CS:GO roles. For instance, there are particular participants who are assigned as AMPers supporters since they are masters in rifle shooting. The more aware the team is about the game, the higher the probability of their victory is.

The Final Verdict

The key thing of playing the analyzed esports successfully is to realize how fluid its roles are. You don’t have to stick to one strategic thinking mode only. Your experience will only become better and better, the more you know about its gameplay opportunities. Besides, it is a perfect opportunity to confuse your rivals and make them panic.

The gaming balance is important. Don’t take these words as a straightforward recommendation to change your playing roles during rounds all the time. It is highly essential to play as a team member, and your actions shouldn’t surprise your squad teams as well. In the case of CS:GO, general knowledge about different positioning and tactics is a must-have component of your gaming portfolio. It allows enthusiasts to be up in arms in unexpected situations and emergence cases on the map.

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